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Complete Chakra Clearing Mindset Song: Energy Download

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These statements are designed to clear and amplify the Sacral Chakra. Use them to assist in the clearing of the old doctrine of limitation. The more you use them the more they impact the the deep self, implanting into the subconscious mind. Daily use at least once is highly recommended.

Energy, flow through me
Energy, endlessly

The pulse of Heaven
The wave of Life
The dance of particles
Through boundless
Space and time

Energy, everything
Energy, can be seen

A song of Light and Love
A breath of God
A field of sight and sound
To build the once upon

Nothing seen is as it seems
Go deep within go in between
Shift the focus, synchronize
Be the Truth with open eyes

Between all forms of Life
Expectations can bend
And shape the Living Light

Energy, alchemy
Energy, energy

1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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