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Dance Your Spirit MP3 Song: Anything Is Possible

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Read the intro to the song, My Spirit is Beautiful, to understand the creation process of this song.

We are infinite beings. As we reintegrate our personal template and activate the Celestial knowing we soon accept that we are infinite beings though which anything is possible. This song is useful in bringing focus and moving forward into these expansive frequencies. When you choose to become your own I Am That I Am Expressing As Me you unify with Source in a knowing way. In that state you are inspired and are moved to sing along with the music of the spheres. 

So, let us all sing

I can live in happiness
I can love my life
Filled with endless energy
I shall be the Light
Oh, it’s possible
Everything is possible
Anything is possible
When I Am I
I Am
And we all sing
And we all sing
And we all sing...

                  ©2005. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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