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Dance Your Spirit MP3 Song: I Pull It Down from the Heavens

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Read the intro to the song,My Spirit is Beautiful, to understand the creation process of this song.

I Pull it Down is an intentional empowerment exercise that you can call upon at any time. You are inviting Spirit to descend into the body to then unify with rising Earth energy. The eventual unification of both in the heart center gives you the capacity to consciously send this potent force out through your hands to all those who come into your personal sphere of influence. A daily dose of this will amplify your vibration in ways that you have likely not experience. Ride the Celestial waves with a smile on your face...


I pull it down from
the heavens
I pull it up from Earth
Then I put it in my middle
Send it down to my feet
I bring it up to my hips
My hips go round and
Round and round and round
I bring it up to my heart
I send it out through my hands
Into the people I serve
Into the people I serve

Fill me up
love light and beauty
Always a connection
I will never let go

2005. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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