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Dance Your Spirit MP3 Song: Spirit That I Am

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Read the intro to the song, My Spirit is Beautiful, to understand the creation process of this song.

This song is an homage to your returning personal Spirit Self. By witnessing in name and quality you create a receptive space where the Spirit wants to be...always. Bring her home with your Love . I added several mantras (intentional words spoken to activate a desired High Frequency result) to spice up the breaks in the main theme. 

San San jo a potent Chinese healing mantra

Om Vajra Sattwa  is a Hindu mantra of personal energetic protection

Ek Ong Kar is a long standing Buddhist mantra that opens the heart chakra to allow you to live there in peace. 

Celebrate your Spirit home...
Spirit That I Am
I Am right now
Spirit That I Am
I Am Love
Spirit That I Am
I Am Holy
Spirit That I Am
I am
San San Jo Leu  Bah yow Woo Hah
Om Vajra Sattwa hung
Ek Ong kar Satnam siri
Wahe Guru

                ©2005. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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