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Dance Your Spirit MP3 Song: Too Much Talking

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Read the intro to the song, My Spirit is Beautiful, to understand the creation process of this song.

Too much talking became a playful song to remind us of how the mind chatter seduces our progress home. We analyze and critique and find fault and divert way too often. Most of what comes to us has been summoned by our own Higher Self and, as such, is just the right form at just the right time. What if questions are an easy way to distract and dredge up patterns of pain and wimpiness. Stop it...too much talking. More singing. More dancing. Use this song when you find yourself running into yourself.

What about my childhood
What about my dreams
What about philosophy
And all those things
What about my mother
What about the promises
I really gotta tell you
I’m finally getting’ honest
Too much talking
Too much talking
Too much too much…
My daddy left me early
I really hate my work
I wish I didn’t live here
My neighbor is a jerk
Listen to me Mr.
You gotta understand
I got a tragic story
Wanna tell it once again
Too much talking…
Let me tell you ‘bout my wife
Tell you ‘bout my kids
All my aches and pains
And all I never did
I can tell you bout
My politics
Tell you ‘bout my feelings
All the books I read
All my mystic healings
Too much talking…
I want the rhythm
I want the voice
I want the Spirit
And I wanna make choices

               ©2005. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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