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Deep December MP3 Song Download: A Thousand Santas

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In my last year as a public school teacher, I went to an alternative school and was a guest teacher. The school was centered around a peace curriculum and was multi leveled. I had the opportunity to work with the older kids, who represented traditional Grades 4-6. I was intrigued and excited to work with the children and their conscious families. The class size was smaller and I had a full time assistant for ongoing support. It just so happened, as I got to know these children and their interests, preferences, and desires, that it became obvious that this group was really interested in performing. Perhaps it was because they knew I was a musician, but it was decreed that I could craft a curriculum that centered around writing and performing musicals. How cool was that?!

The first play I wrote and produced was called...So...This Is Christmas...It was based on the idea that someone was sharing the nature of Christmas to another who really had no idea about it. The elements of the Christmas became the focus of each of the songs. Now remember that this was a conscious peace centered school whose personal mission was to step outside of the cultural norms that had created many of the challenges that people face. So the songs had to put a new slant on the commercialization aspect, dance around the religious dogma, and be fun and entertaining. No problem!

The play was a hit.We staged it twice on back to back nights. The students memorized everything. Everyone was involved in most of the songs. The kids mostly choreographed the songs. The parents were blown away. An auspicious beginning to this last year of teaching, it was.

This song, A Thousand Santas, was based on the notion that during the season there are Santas all over the place. It had become an epidemic of the red suited jolly one and I wanted it to get back to just the one Santa. The song plays with the idea. It is bouncy and playful and even sneaks in a version of the classic,Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.

Enjoy this delightful soon to be classic song...
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