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Deep December MP3 Song Download: Deep December

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This is one of those made for the Christmas Eve Service at Unity of San Luis Obispo songs. It is a personal reflection of where my life was at and somehow tied to the baby Jesus...or, at least, the season spirit. This was written on Christmas Eve day, when the pageant was over and people were still abuzz about it, when the beautiful Unity Christmas Light Service was coming that evening. I was under pressure. Usually the guitar motif and feel and chord structure comes first. This one wanted the Key of D, so I knew there would be emotion involved and that there would be something about a little child. And, indeed there was...

It is the simple moments of living that, with a little stretch, can be seen to include the spirit of the birth of the baby, Jesus...everyday is Christmas morn, in every breath I'm reborn, blessings to that babe of long ago...
Carry the innocence and keep the open heart wide. See the world through those vantage points and make all moments filled with wonder, and anticipation and appreciation. Why not...?

Simply seeing things differently and trusting that you are well cared for makes such a difference not only in how and what you feel, but also in how life shows up for you. Remember it reflects your inner world. If you live in a calm and clear place inside, then that is what will full the forms of your moments, more often than not. Allow in what we say and our essence true blue...peace on Earth, would ensue...I commit, how 'bout you?...

SONG LYRICS:  Deep December 
Deep December California sun Tempering the cold spell
Christmas Pageant went well sitting here with Jesus on my mind
Right here in this heart lies Holiness Golden Light
Gifted by that Babe of long ago
Deep December season singing love
Reaching out reaching in tenderness touching friends
Sitting here with Jesus on my mind
Every day is Christmas morn in every breath I’m reborn
Blessings to that Babe of long ago
Merry Christmas one and all
Please remember who you are
All this giving all this joy
Rekindled by that Precious boy….Jesus
Deep December heart is open wide
Maybe we could keep it so as o’er the Earth we all go
Could we keep the baby on our mind
Love in what we say and do
To our essence true blue
Peace on Earth would ensue
I commit how ‘bout you...oh
                        © 2003.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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