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And another Christmas Eve state of my life address in song...the Unity Service, like so many other spiritual traditions, are well attended on Christmas Eve...about as much as Easter Sunday. Be that as it may. I liked the full house and the opportunity to weave another song into the waiting and anticipatory congregation, many of them there for only this night, absent for the rest of the year. 

I was thinking about the beauty of all the candles lit at the service, the power of that glow for that moment and it popped into this song in the Key of the folk and of the spoken word, G.It has a drive about it and pushes the syncopated motif into the viscera, reminding why we are here...but what about you? How is your life going? I will tell you about do I treat myself these days, how is my little child? I let love in? I receive?...

It is an opportunity to check in and see where our passion lies. Are we numbed out or are we feeling like a little one on Christmas morning? We have been gifted this precious life...what are you doing with it, my friend?
How connected are you? Do you integrate with others in that open hearted way? If not, why not? Figure it out...make a new commitment to living in the higher realms, with child self fully present and sometimes running the show. Be transparent...for there is really nothing worth hiding... That Christ Essence that we all contain is not there for there, yes.,,right from there!

Here in the Light of Christmas Eve
We have gathered round
To celebrate the little boy
And the love that we have found
Deeper through the mystery
Turn the life around
Birth the Christ That I might see
And hear the Holy Sound
     How do I treat myself These days?
     How is my little child
     Do I let Love in? What do I believe?
     When was the last time
     I let my self get wild?
Here in the glow of candlelight
People surrounding me
Do I connect or stand alone?
What are my boundaries?
Where does my love go?
Who do I serve?
What is the master of me?
Am I forgiving? Am I a friend?
When was the last time I Set somebody free?
Here in this life
I have nothing to hide
I am open to all I can be
Hear me, oh, Lord
I am ready for more
Move me and use me again

                       © 2003.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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