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Deep December MP3 Song Download: Merry Christmas This Year

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This an unusual song in its concept. I thought of the state of the world as we approached Christmas in 1992 and decided I start from the big picture and head back toward my own life on this 17th day of December. I would simply tie it together by singing Merry Christmas...this year.  It was a fascinating process. I, and perhaps you, are familiar with a guided visualization that starts within you and, with each breath taken, expands out to engulf the world with pace, or love, or prosperity, or health, or whatever your intention, a little bit at a time. That is a process of expansion that feels like you are in the driver's seat.

Coming from the out to the in was a completely different process. I started to focus on the state of the world, then on the United States, then California, then San Luis Obispo, then my house, then my family, and finally me. With each pulling in I began to sense and feel the impact of the conditions, the vibration, that I was noticing and bringing into the writing. I saw a whole lot that I had no control over...all I had was my response. And honestly, most of I it I did not even know was going on until I researched a bit. And, in another revelation, the closer I got to me the more centered I became. I was delighted that in spite of all that was going on in the world around me I was able to be in my own life, doing what I was doing with my family and as me. In the middle of it all my life was being lived as I saw was a fascinating perspective.

...precious Earth spinning 'round, life death coming down, every person with a story, every moment worth exploring, every heart seeking home, every soul not alone...God is on our side...God is on our side....

When you reflect on all that is happening in this world while you do what you do in this moment it really opens up the inner and outer doors of expands the sphere of living...and, at the same, time makes what you are currently doing a lot more relevant and important. In the new thoughts of these expanding times we hear that any act within the cosmos impacts everything else vibrationally. That thought of self love you just had expands out to impact all just as that moment of self condemnation does...we are given endless points of choice throughout the day to seed the immediate form and experience of the future, our own and the collective as well...yes, we are that impactful, that powerful. Nothing is as it seems in one of the emerging truths of these times. Start looking at the world through this postulate...and start to get increasing glimpses of the expanded life that has always been there.

US in Somalia Marines have hit the beach
There’ll be food upon The table
All the little ones can eat
Yugoslavia is dying
People call it genocide
UN is playing cautious
They will wait to choose a side
In Russia there is chaos
As Democracy takes hold
Corporations loom like Vultures
Salivating for the gold
South America is quiet
Is it calm before the storm?
The global population’s
Either too cold or too warm
     Merry Christmas
     Merry Christmas
     Merry Christmas this year
Clinton picking cabinet
His kingdom taking shape
Fleetwood Mac will play The White House
Rays of hope still radiate
There’s a rainbow over Washington
With Boomers flooding in
People dance a little bit
And pray to God he’s genuine
Registers are ringing
As the media keeps score
Recession is it over?
Can we spend a little more?
Will this country come together
in this Wintertime of Love?
Or will hatred and confusion
Kill the rising white dove?
Merry Christmas…
The Golden State Is tarnished
In a legislative squeeze
The Grinches and the Scrooges laugh
And decorate their greed
While the multicolored Masses wonder
Where the water’s been
Then cuddle up to Tinsletown
At sunset once again

SLO Town sleeps on slowly
As Pinard et al take oath
It’s honesty in office
With the Peace of God Invoked
While the rent still hugs a Thousand
We squirm for what is fair
And spin our wheels In Paradise
With beauty everywhere
Merry Christmas… 

     Precious Earth Spinning ‘round
     life death coming down
     Every person with a story
     Every moment worth Exploring
     Every heart seeking home
     Every soul not alone
     God is on our side
     God is on our side
On Murray Street we Cultivate a future day by day
We slip into the past
When we swallow too much strain
The tapes are almost ready
Erin needs more time
Gabriela is precocious
One would say she isn’t shy

And me I’ve just turned 40
But I’m going on 15
I’m so frightened by these Challenges
And yes I often scream
But I can’t remember living
Without Erin or the Gab
And I’m happy With my family
Life’s really not so bad
Merry Christmas...
                          © 2003.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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