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Deep December MP3 Song Download: Nothing on Earth

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Another Christmas Eve creation that was simply a celebration of the magic, child-like energy of Christmas, as sung from a women's choral group, as the song was presented at the service in 1996. It is simply the human representation of the spiritual majesty that oversees the human experience. Listen and enjoy...

Rainbow lights all cradled On the green tree
Twinkling a message to us all
Ornaments reflecting All the joy
I feel When Christmas falls
And the candles reach for Heaven
And their flame rekindles Love
     Oh there’s nothing on Earth
     To compare with the scene
     When the angels sing
     And Love is king
     And Peace reigns o’er the Earth
Presents huddled Underneath a green tree
Visions fill us all
Choirs singing glory hallelujah
As the world applauds
And the thoughts return To heaven
And the hearts burst out With Love

One great star so high atop The green tree
Whispers to us all
We are holy children of The Universe
Oneness is our song
And the hearts open to Heaven
And our actions show our love 

           © 2003.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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