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Deep December MP3 Song Download: Rappin' Rudolph

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It was apparent in 1995 that the old Gene Autry song, Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer, needed an update. I found a good beat and proceeded to do a 40 year old white man rap...perhaps you do not know the true story of how Rudolph came to be the beacon he was on that fateful night. But soon you will...fortunately Santa knew how to write up a good contract...otherwise Christmas would have been cancelled a long, long time ago. So, listen and your best to keep from boppin' along. And please remember, this was my first and last attempt at doing a rap song...there is truth to the generational thing. Listen now as Rudolph tells the real story...

Hey, hey my name is Rudolph
I pull ol’ Santa’s sleigh
When I hear “ho” I turn on my nose
And we all dash away
It wasn’t always like this
This leading scene is new
Yeah people laughed
Had names for me and said,
“Hey Dude you’re rude!”
I didn’t let that bug me
I just went on my way
Yeah, things were cool I lived alone
Until that fateful day
The Winter was so foggy
You couldn’t even See your hand
The elves they freaked Old Santa screamed
The reindeer made demands
They said, “We ain’t goin’ Nowhere
‘Cause we can’t even see
You guarantee a trip that’s  Safe
And man this sleigh will leave!”
So Santa sat and puzzled
He didn’t even have no way
No radar screens No ESP
To guide his groovy sleigh
It happened I was walking
Like a vision through the trees
My nose was on The path was bright
When Santa turned to see me
He said, “Hey, hey there Rudolph!
Won’t you guide my sleigh?”
I said, “You must be kiddin, Jack…
But how much will you pay?
We talked of long vacations
Of benefits and dreams
Bartered with the other cats
Until they said, “Yippee!”
Now I’m not one for braggin’
But whoa you shouldda seen
My nose aglow just lit the sky
And we made history
So that’s my song and story
To all you boys and girls
Rappin’ Rudolph sends you joy
And peace to fill your world
Go Rudolph, go Rudolph…

            © 2003.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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