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Deep December MP3 Song Download: Where Is Santa Claus?

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Something happens as the years stack up and we get farther and farther away from the beautiful child vibration that defines us...still. It starts with learning about the importance of leaving make believe behind. Perhaps it was when your imaginary friend was banished from the house. Perhaps its when you got laughed at when you shared about the fairies and the dwarfs in the forest that you know and love. Perhaps its when the Easter Bunny was set hoppin', or when the Tooth Fairy, stopped leaving quarts when you saw your mom with a hand under the pillow that night. But the one thing we have tried to hold on to through thick and thin has been Santa Claus. There is something magical about this one. He gave presents and joy and a bright moment or two to every boy and girl in the world...that's something special that we just do not want to toss on the pile of childish thinking...somehow if Santa Claus remained real then everything, no matter the form, would be OK.

It was in 2003 when my daughter, Gabriela, exclaimed, "only one more day till Christmas!". It was innocent and it was authentic. was impactful...I felt it like a smack on the side of the explosion in the heart came out in a fast series of visions of Christmas as a boy...the Sears catalog dog-eared pages, the promises, the anticipation, the disappointment, the opening of the packages...the gratitude for Santa...and then it slid right out my heart,"I still believe in Santa Claus"...and there it CHristmas Eve song. It poured right out and was done in 20 minutes, like a special delivery from Santa himself.

...I see myself when I was young and under that same trance...where is Santa Claus?

It hit me right away in the middle of the writing, how we let our own inner child fade away and become so invested in being an adult, toeing the line...that is what believing in Santa was maintaining the child self, that true place where our own inner celestial template of the Source expression that I Am stored and held until we wake up on that Someday in I am at 49 I'm feeling like I'm 4...the child in me won't go away, he's always at the door...every wish I've ever had is still swirling in the air...I still believe in Santa Claus...I still believe he's there....

All I'm really asking is to never let your child fade...feed him with your hopes and wishes... you go. This is the most bestest Christmas gift I can give you, my friend. You have to keep your inner child have to!. Listen to this song over and over until your mind is convinced. Then listen more until your heart opens and you start to feel him knocking at the inner sanctum door...ready to step out. Then, for God's sake, you must let her excuses any more...Christmas is a time to celebrate...

The tree is up the lights are on
A fire’s burning bright
I’m staring into yesterday
And dreaming of tonight
Where is Santa Claus?

Gabi shouts, “It’s one more day!”
With laughter and a dance
I see myself when I was young
And under that same trance
Where is Santa Claus?
     Here I am at 49
     I’m feeling like I’m 4
     The child in me won’t go away
     He’s always at the door
     Every wish I’ve ever had
     Is swirling in the air
     I still believe in Santa Claus
     I still believe he’s there
     It’s Christmas, Christmas
I see the lights and smell the trees
Of all my Christmas past
No matter who or where I was
My heart would always ask
Where is Santa Claus?
My head has all the answers
I can set my child straight
But how I love that moment
When I throw that all away
Where is Santa Claus?
All I’m really asking is to
Never let your child fade
Feed him with your hopes and wishes
Christmas is a time to Celebrate

             © 2003.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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