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Download Song from CD Puttin’ My Talent to Work: If the Truth Be Told

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I am a singer and a speaker. I use my voice. I have been complimented for its sound and its richness and its heart impacting quality. I like to play with it...make to the animals in their own language...It's no wonder I started working with sound to explore what the voice was all about.

But not everyone is like this. Far too many have been silenced by their moments of living...too many "ssshhhh's" and "just talk when you're spoken to" and "Marky, please just mouth the words of the song"...wounds one and all. Voices silenced and hesitant swallowing the intensity of an injustice, an abuse, a sharing, a happy story...swallowing for so long that their voice only comes out when they are alone, or feel ultra safe. Their truth does not get spoken very often. They do as they are told...and wish for the day that they could go back to the way it was. Like a little kid singing a nursery rhythm without a care in the world. 

Not speaking our truth diminishes our vibrational signature. The energy stores in the sacral chakra just below the belly button. It waits for the chance to rise up to the throat and shout out loud. Too often that never comes and the energy stores and stores more and more...ever lowering in vibration until one day a condition develops and it gets the person's attention...if they are lucky...too many do not hear it until it is too late...I am reminded of the actual grave stone that has the phrase chiseled in concrete, "See, I told you I was sick!"

It is as simple as this: do not be silent. Find a way to speak your truth..even if it is to the empty chair. . Recover your voice by playing with it like a little child would. Sing silly songs in the car. Speak your birth name over and over. Break through the impasse. Let the tears pour out of that sacral chakra and wash clean the voice box and the throat and the tender heart below it.This song, originally penned for my landlady, Lucia, and her book, Puttin' My Talent to Work, is mighty potent. Let the truth be told...from this point forward. It may just save your life.
If the truth be told
I would live another way
If the truth be told
I would change it all today
  What holds me back?
  A little fear
  What holds me back?
  Voices ringing in my ear
  What holds me back?
  Trepidations,   worn beliefs
  Have got me by   the collar
  Pulled me to my knees
I was not meant to Be a stranger
Not meant to be down
I was born to soar The Heavens
Turn the world around
When I was a little one
I looked life in the face
I just won’t rest till I
Stand in that place again Again
If the truth be told
I’d be travelin this earth
If the truth be told
You couldn’t count
What I was worth
I was not meant to be
A lemming
Not meant to be a rat
I was born to be the glory
And I want it like that
When I was the little one
I looked life in the face
I just won’t rest till
I stand in that place again
If the truth be told
What do you really wanna do
If the truth be told
What has been singing in you?
So, let the truth be told…

                       ©1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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