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Download Song from CD Puttin’ My Talent to Work: Puttin' My Talent to Work

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In this song, your inner yearning, your drive, your passion to do what you are here to do comes into play. Likely you have talent you have yet to develop, or, even, discover. It shows up sometimes as a hobby, an strong interest, a feeling you get when you think about doing this. We have been diverted to ignore much of our yearning to settle for the comfort zone we have created. But, truthfully, that comfort zone can easily become our personal prison cell over time. 

One must build the bridge between this desire and the actual work they do. This involves choice and active direction. It involves work at home outside employment to develop and hone the skills, gather resources, and set a plan of moving forward. You can do takes a choice.

Develop the will center where your personal power resides. In this Solar Plexus Chakra you have the capacity to practice discernment. This discernment leads to choice which is an act of will. You decide and then you must take the first step forward to activate the Cosmic support that awaits your leap of faith. Practice this process and see what unfolds. Make adjustments along the way. Then take more action...Observe and discern...then make adjustments and move forward...on and on until your reach that place you have intended

I’m putting my talent To work
Puttin’ myself on the line
I’ve got a calling
I’ve been given the skill
And there has never
Ever been a better time
For putting’ my talent  To work
Puttin’ my talent to work
  I have a vision
  I’ve been holding for life
  It is the thing I must do
  I have been treading in
  An ocean of fear
  But hear me shout,
  “Those days are  through”
  I state intentions to be
  Living my truth
  I set my goals  to become
  I take the action
  Meet them one at a time
  The resistance is  Overcome
   Look where I’m going
   Look where I’ve been
   Look where I’m going
   Never again
   Will I betray who I Am
                        ©1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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