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Sound Alchemy Resources: Energy CD Complete MP3 Download

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In the early 90’s I was commissioned by an aerobics instructor to create very specific tempo based music for an entire full bodied workout. It had to have warm up times that led into different tempos that would go for a specific amount of time , constantly moving to address the heart rate. It was a mighty challenge that I took on willingly. I used my arsenal of analog synthesizers of the time to create a musical exercise journey. If you are looking for something to support your exercise program, discover the power of intentional rhythm and melody in these instrumentals.
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SONG TITLES (Click each song to access page to order that single song MP3 download

Song One: Warmup
Time: 4:30
Song Two: Extended Workout One
Time: 15:04
Song Three: Extended Workout Two
Time: 22:41
Song Four: Extended Workout Three
Time: 24.55
Song Five: Transition
Time: 2:57
Song Six : Cool Down
Time: 5:51

Total Program Time: 75:57
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01 Warm Up

02 Extended Workout One

03 Extended Workout Two

04 Extended Workout Three

05 Transition

06 Cool Down