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Heart's Desire MP3 Song Download: According to My Faith

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ABOUT THIS SONG (taken from the song description in the 12 Powers CD)

I put this steady flowing song in the key of C to provide the energetic frequency foundation upon which to move forth in Faith. True faith is in response to an inner state of unwavering belief, regardless of what may appear to be true. Keep on keeping on. I start with the notion that it is all in my hands. The world responds quickly to the integrity and form of my beliefs. It gives immediate opportunity to fine tune the muscles of faith. At some marvelous point we accept our design and the Cosmic impact that is guaranteed in endless we allow it. Get out of your own way is the call from everywhere. Resistance corrals faith and renders it inert...for as long as we cling to the old ways...the learned normal. Stop it...surrender.

Use this song as you counter old beliefs with Celestial Truth. Make lists of your limiting beliefs and counter each with this song until they dis-integrate from cell and tissue and nerve fiber. This song is a companion in times of trouble when you reclaim thoughts of helplessness and runaway what if scenarios. Use it, my friend. Nothing is impossible! 


According to my faith
Just as I believe it
This is the world I see
I expand and open
Knowing nothing is impossible
What I expect shall be
God in me

   ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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