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Heart's Desire MP3 Song Download: Choices

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Making choices is based on the health of the Solar Plexus chakra center. If it is weak then you will stumble at decision and fail to activate the pulse to achievement. This simple folk song asks you to chant yourself into expanded awareness. Make clear choices and then take action. That is what must be done. And know that there is no wrong choice. There is only choose and take action. It is what you do with the information/form that you receive. Be prepared to make many adjustments and start is a journey that refines you and that which you desire at the same time. 

Do everything with Love and always trust the Cosmos to deliver...and be accepting to what comes as it might be of a more useful frequency than what you originally asked for. This whole process leads to a cleared Solar Plexus which opens up the magical door of discernment, or the capacity to make informed choices. This is big stuff...just sing the song and watch it grow up and in, right before your heart.


I make choices
I take action
I do it with Love
So supported
Universe with me
Shower my dream
With Love
                        ©1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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