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Heart's Desire MP3 Song Download: Planting the Seed

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All of this so called spiritual work is about going within to rediscover the true Celestial design that has always been present. So what if you have forgotten who you really are due to the specifics of this incarnational journey. That doesn't change a thing. You are still in there. What is now invited and required is that you plant a deep inner seed that is strictly an invitation to open and remember...YOU. That's it. That is the key to kingdom that is scrathing at your awareness door. You, like the entire Earth plane are being pushed to wake up. The seed planted intentionally starts it all into motion...and lovingly, the outcome is guaranteed. The journey, however, lies firmly in your hands...please pay close attention to you and the energies around and within as well as the forms that show up...that is your manual for living as the truth of you. It is in your hands once you plant the seed.

So, here you are...that precious point of choice. If you are hesitant, so be it. If you are resistant, then, so be it. Do not listen to this song if that is the case...I meant to say, do not listen very much. Rather, be gentle with you and introduce it and then give time before the next listen. Incubate your own awakening. Your garden is fertile and the outcome is known. Do what you must do...dally if you need to. No rush...sort of.

There may be a train leaving soon and I would encourage you to be on board...whole heartedly. Enough said...hope to see you on it.

Time to plant the seed if that is your choice...may you return to you as quickly as you allow.

And remember...more sing...more movement...more blessed inner homeland...more true you...


Grant me courage
To go within
Still my wandering mind
Oh Lord
Make fertile my heart
I want to be free
Return my self to me
Oh, Lord
Together, planting the seed
1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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