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Heart's Desire MP3 Song Download: Thunder of Silence

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ABOUT THIS SONG (taken from the song description in the Life Is Good CD)

This was a title to a conference with the International Youth of Unity at Unity Village in Kansas City in the 90's. Because there were to be 600 teens there I wanted to make it an event full song. I turned the title into a three part round that would cycle in and out with 200 or so voices singing alone and together. Since each part was in harmony with the melody and rhythmically supportive it turned into a beautiful choir like experience whenever we sang it. 

It was in C#m so it lifted up the root and reached into the Agape Higher Heart Chakra to make for quite the spiritual experience. Moving and powerful and expansive...indeed, the Thunder of Silence. And that is what happened at the end of the ten minute round when we all crescendoed with the one high part that stopped abruptly to carry the echo of the voices into the heavens. Chills...


Part One
I tune to the Light within
I feel the thunder of silence
Pulsing That I Am
Part Two
Part Three
Fill me up, fill my soul
God within, make me whole
In the thunder of the silence
That I Am
   ©1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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