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On the day I met you, Jamie
I heard a distant drum
Fallish breeze blew Through my heart
I knew the change would come
There was something in your eyes
That said you’ll come to see yourself
All the games that had defined me
Were headed for the shelf

Just like a Summer’s day You warmed me up
You walked me to the dawn
Then stood aside released my hand
You pointed far beyond
To where the bear had Cleared the forest
The wolf was at the pass
White herons circled overhead
I felt a calm at last
Now I can say I love you 
Now I can call you friend 
And know that we are winding
On a journey with no end 
So hello, hello, my friend
You teach me of the boundaries I teach you of the no
You teach me of consistency I teach you love can grow
We’re a man and woman flowing In an archetypal dance
A blending of the Muses Approaching resonance
        © December 9, 1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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