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Hello World MP3 Song Download: Everybody Wins

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The hierarchical structure of the male dominated Piscean Age that we just left sets comparison as a fundamental where there will always be winners and losers. As one is culturally more desirable than the other, you see a whole lot of people being devastated by losing.Furthermore, the idea that there is scarcity and limited resource, even with feelings, emotions, and power, keeps one up and one down. This manipulation of power keeps someone in control, always winning, typically at any cost.

This is actually all learned perspective and behavior. The new Aquarian Age that is upon us is all about mutually benefit where we all get our needs met to some degree. It is no longer my well being at the expense of yours. The idea of everybody winning is upon us. Where it gets confusing is in the wolrd of sports and games where the nature of it is winning and losing. The attempt to make it more loving by giving everyone a participation trophy had controversial effect as it watered down competition to an observable degree.

What we are talking about in this song that is in the throat Chakra key of G is about a world built on humanity and compassion and empathy, where each helps the other. Sure there is friendly competition, but only as an inspirational tool to motivate me to improve on my skills and capabilities...for my own joy and accomplishment.

At the time this was written, early 90's, it was a different world and the multitudes were suffering from not being "good enough". This was a seed planting song designed to open one up to the possibility. We had been programmed for so long that most could not even fathom the idea of shared befit. The 25 years since penning it have been profound and have revealed much about our individual and collective magnificence. 

Enjoy this loping country tune and find gratitude for how far you and things have come. For the young listener, play this so they can keep in their forefront the fine line between feeling good enough and less than. We are a humanity in process...

They told me as a little boy
It’s a hard cold world out there
Dog eat dog
There ain’t no such thing as fair
It’s competition
Only the strong survive
Got to be much better
Than the other guy
You either live or you die

I couldn’t help believing
There just had to be Another way
That I could do the best I could
Everybody else would Do the same
No competition
Nobody has to lose
Nobody being told
You’re just not good enough
Nobody laughing at you
     Can you see a world
     Where everybody wins
     People helping people
     Everybody wins
     It’s kinda like a fairy tale
     It’s kinda like a dream
     But it really could happen Right here
     If we just believe
     If we just believe
We’ve all felt the losing
We’ve all seen somebody else Wearing the crown
Left us wishing and a hoping
How long you gonna let that Keep you down
For we all are winners
Teaching one another
So rise above what they said
You never could do
And be the best that you can

   ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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