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Hello World MP3 Song Download: Get High Naturally

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Since I was writing these songs with the purpose of creating an assembly that would focus on self esteem and empower children, I was cognizant of the times and the anti drug programs that were relevant during the late 80's and early 90's. Just Say No and Dare were two such programs that were funding programs to take the messages into schools. I took advantage of that and got a lot of work because of songs like this. We all know what getting high was I played with it and wrote about having good clean fun.

The song in G minor is in the key of Eb which places it between the Sacral and Solar Plexus centers. Here is the land where emotion and decision temper one another, where we put into action fears and frustrations and hurts as well as make clean decisions about having fun and living life in joy.It is fertile ground for amplifying the message for kids to make healthy decisions.  Erin, my then wife, and I traded lines and brought in the male and female components that addressed the giving and receiving energies.

I took some of the vernacular of the times and wove it into the statement and celebration of the seemingly endless ways to have fun without bringing hard to self or others. In the assemblies the kids loved singing get high, high, high, naturally. It was often what we would end our assembly with...raising the roof and then letting the teachers take care of the supercharged kids...for me it was a lot of fun.

This song can be used to support your own desires for self care, especially when you are dealing with challenges about how you do that. Just get outside and have some fun... 

I like to have a good time
Just like anyone
There’s a thousand Different ways
Of having safe and healthy fun
I got this radical body
I got this awesome mind
There’s no excuse For doing drugs
When I could be naturally high
I could hop upon My skateboard
I could surf those giant waves
I could boot up my Nintendo
I could lie down in the shade
I could train for the Olympics
I could read a classic book
I could hike up in the mountains
Or walk down by the brook
   Get high, high, high, naturally
   Get high, high, high naturally
I could ride my BMX
I could run a mile or so
I could climb the highest Tree in town
Listen to the radio
I could dance until I’m Breathless
I could practice on my drums
I could drink some ice cold Lemonade
Blow bubbles with my gum
So you see the ways are endless
So come on join the club
Take a tip from me
And get your kicks with good clean fun

And get...
        ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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