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Hello world MP3 Song Download: It's Magic

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The child's world is filled with wonder and imagination. Everything has life does. In the early years of the incarnation, especially up till age 7, the child still has an active connection with Spirit and the Cosmos primarily through the Crown Chakra. Thus the child can connect with the elemental kingdom, with the animals, and sees the cooperative and symbiotic relationship between all forms of life. There is a deep connection with the Earth. The child massages this connection and spends as much time as possible out in the magic dimension. 

This song in the throat chakra key of G, dances around the Earthly Plane paradigm of duality. It acknowledges the opposites and recognizes that it all comes from the un-named, but familiar Source. The chorus bounces through all the joy filled elements of the life fully connected and well lived. Where did you set that aside?...if you did. 

If you did, then use this song to reawaken and reclaim the wonder. Get out onto the Earth and rediscover just how fun the life in the now can be. 
Look at the cloud
Look at the rain
Look at the seed
Look at the grain
It all appears right out of the blue
Mother Nature comes through
Like magic, I think it’s magic
Look how it’s morning
Look now it’s night
Look how it’s dark
Well now it’s light
Round and round in a circle We turn
Every breath, every word
Is magic
I think it’s magic
     I love to sit and watch
     The birds and butterflies
     And penguins and the otters
     I love to watch the trees
     Let go of leaves
     And watch ‘em dancing
     In the air

     I love to kick and scream
     And run and shout and jump
     And play and watch
     The sweet sun goin’ down
     There’s joy in this life
     Joy in this life
     Hey everybody
     There’s joy in this life
Look at me run
Look at me sleep
Look at me give
Look at me keep
Like a river I can flow along
Loving life, singing songs
Of magic, I think it’s magic
Look at me happy
Look at me sad
Look at me good
Look at me bad
Every moment with a gift for me
May be drama, or comedy
But, it’s magic, I think it’s magic

             © 1989.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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