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Hello World MP3 Song Download: Maybe, When I Grow Up

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I love this song...and the kids did too. It takes an uncertainty and paints it brightly with intention and possibility. Children, once they have forgotten who they really are, live in a tentative world that wants to control them to essentially give up enough to not be rebellious, an initiator, an inspiration, and a Whole Being

I grew up in the 50's, when nuclear annhilation was a constant threat as an undercurrent of living. Even when we played outside the sound of a plane going overhead created pause. I grew up being told that I could survive a nuclear explosition if I just did the duck and cover correctly. Many times under my desk with my head on my left arm face down under the desk and my right palm on the back of my neck I would sneak a peak at the floor to ceiling bank of windows that would become deadly shards in an can survive a nuclear explosion...really?

Children of today face a different death potential with the environment and the global warming controversy. When I wrote this song I was thinking of my own little boy with his leaning toward life working out even though it did not look like it could, or would. I was always optimistic. I wanted the listeners to know that there was always a possibility that it would be OK. I couched it in the Root Chakra key of C as that is the survival chakra, where basic needs get met. I washed it in sweet sounding, expansive, and etheric major seventh chords that lift one out of discomfort or limiting beliefs. That filled the verses. When it came to the chorus I went to the solid major chord because I wanted that grounded and connected to the Earth like one in their power is...

Yes, maybe is a weak word, just a bit north of try...but in this case it leaned into a different future that in 1989 I wanted to project, because, as we know, the world was really beginning to change for the better. I wanted to have a song that was like an inside joke to the children who still had a vesceral memory of life working out in a beautiful interconnected older people talk about the way it's gonna be...I don't believe it...I don't believe it...

We need the forward thinking with the grit to put that into action. Reminding children of their power and holding out the knowing that... it's gonna be alright...we're gonna make it...seemed like the right thing to do back then...and even now.


Maybe when I grow up
There will be an earth for me
Maybe there’ll be rivers
Maybe there’ll be land
Maybe there’ll be air to breathe
The older people talk about
The way it’s gonna be
It scares me
Maybe when I grow up
There will be an earth for me
With lots of different flowers
All kinds of animals
And forests all packed with trees
You older people talk about
The way it’s gonna be
I don’t believe it
I don’t believe it
      It’s gonna be all right
      We’re gonna make it
      We’re gonna grow up
      Big and strong
      Earth she’s gonna be all right
      She’s gonna make it
      The one’s who say
      Well, they’re all wrong
      Hey, I know I’m just a kid
      But I’ve got lots to say
      Gonna make this world A better place
      I know I can, I know  we can
      I know we will someday
Maybe when I grow up
There will be an earth for me
The one you’ve always dreamed of
Better than today
A place for my own family
Let me tell you people
‘Bout the way it’s gonna be
Believe me, believe me
I know that...

    ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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