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No and yes are polarities, opposites, living far apart from one another. Many people really do not know how to use either very well, as they oscillate in a sort of safe, non committal zone called "I don't know". And thus, they spin their wheels. Both of these words are action words. Speaking and claiming them initiates motion. 

Yes gives permission and opens up doors and opportunity. "No" sets up restrictions and roadblocks and creates time to reflect and examine the position. Each is situational. Each is used in alignment with one's perspectives, beliefs, level of energetic debris inside, and reflected by the health of the will center, the Solar Plexus.

When I wrote this song it was during the "Just Say No" era and I wanted to take my self esteem assembly out into the schools. Having an entire school singing and shouting "No!" seemed like a prudent and powerful thing to do. And it was. The song was a hit. It reflected how others try to force us to align with their opinion. Though it may be a challenge, we have the right to say no. We are simply very rusty at it. Children do not get much of a chance to say "no" in the land of giants, so this song took off.

What I have learned since the writing is that the sound is also the focus phonetic for the Solar Plexus chakra, the Will and Take Action Center. That sound clears out hesitation energetically and supports one's willingness to set boundaries and establish a self care position. It is a useful word to have and use. It sets a position from which one can interface with the world. And sometimes, a no is the very best thing for self care. The world is full of pressure to conform and be the fear filled lemming that is easy to manipulate and control. No changes all of that. Practice saying it and see how your center starts to shore up and create substance. 

Learn the dance of "yes" and "no". Wishy-washy is really, for the most part, weak. Not making decisions and then taking action limits your personal expansion. Use this song to play with the feel of saying the word with emotion and physical strength.

If someone says you gotta ______
Do you have to go ahead And do it….No!
      you gotta take this pill
      you gotta smoke this joint
      you gotta drink this drink
      calls you a chicken or a nerd
      they won’t be your friend
      it’s dude to do
There are people everywhere
Been pushin’ us around
Tellin’ us who we have to be
Well, I’ve got news
I’m a human being
And there are rights for me Wo…
      they’ll beat your face
      you gotta play my way
      you gotta come with me
      let’s tease that girl
      let’s hit that boy
      don’t hang around him
There are people everywhere…
      that only sissies cry
you gotta look like me
you gotta walk like me
you gotta dress like me
you gotta be like me
let’s do these drugs
There are people everywhere…
  ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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