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Hello World MP3 Song Download: Power of a Friend

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I remember my pals growing up. There was a core who were a part of my growing up years from Kindergarten through high school. Others came and went. I did my best to show up as a reliable friend. Yet, I was running up against my comfort of being on my own. At times, that was more important that massaging the friendship with another. I have had to continue working with that even as an adult. The early do it on your own programming was so strong. I have also learned that as an introvert, I need alone time to recharge my batteries so that I can do my work in front of lots of people. My life, in some ways, has conspired to support on deeper levels than I understood.

When I was putting this self esteem album together it was obvious I needed a song about friendship. I learned from it even after I wrote it. The melody line is interesting in that it interrupts itself. It creates space from the next line. It suggests that friendships that work do some breathing. No one can meet all of our needs. So space is necessary, as is a broader spectrum of friends with differences. All combine to create the personal posse that serves one more expansively.

The beat is a bouncy 4/4 with emphasis on the 1 and 3. It lifts one up like a good friendship would. The chorus, though, drives in quarter notes like one is deliberate and showing up in a confident, competent way to be fully present. And the whole song has a peppy, island (Jamaican) feel to make it a solid friendship would be.


I can take the darkest night
Turn it into day
I can tame the mighty dragon
Make him go away
What I can do, you can too
If you unite with the power
Of a friend
   Do you see we are the same
   People everywhere are made      
   With Love, sweet Love
   Doesn’t matter what they wear
   Body shape, color hair
   Friends come from everywhere
   People of the world
You can lift my spirit up
When I am down and blue
You can bring out best in me
When I don’t have a clue
What you can do, I can, too
When I unite with the
Power of a friend
   Help can come when You are scared
   Just call out and friend be there
   Give good will to all and then
   You'll never be without a friend
   No, no, no
   Never be without a friend
Friend will help you make a choice
Listen to your pain
Plant the seed of friendship
Have umbrella for the rain
What we can do
Is give love true
And unite with the 
Power of a friend
     ©1989. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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