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Holy Cafe MP3 Song Download: Come Home

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The Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in the early 90's were filled with fascinating and challenging images. One particular of a burned out city bench with the words "repent" struck me viscerily. I had seen how organized religion has taught so many people to believe in unworthiness and limitation, and then held its doctrine up as the answer...if you did what you were told. I was drawn to New Thought churches like Unity and Religious Science because they were empowering and had a bigger view of spirituality. This song was a reflection that I am so much more than what I have been taught. It features a companion vocal with my then 8 year old daughter, Gabriela, in her second recording role. 
Repent the sign said smugly from the blackened city bench
My stomach tight I closed my eyes I heard the word “defense”
I am not some person damned by birth doomed for all of time                                                  
I am a child of God you see my destiny is Light
To a world of condemnation how many have subscribed?
How many eat the guilt and shame religion has prescribed?
How many feel like little lambs who wandered off to play
Who frolicked till the sun went down and found they’d gone astray?
     For the Master calls from long ago beyond the pain and fear
     The Master calls from eons down the road
     The Master calls this moment from the place of who we are
     Come home little lamb, come home little lamb
     Come home my little lamb come home
All are seeking answers we’ve mounted our campaigns
While staring the obvious we struggle in our games
God’s not idly waiting she’s reaching for us too
If we really stop and listen we are bound to feel the truth
Here I Am Lord reaching in to you
Here I’m standing alone
Here I Am Lord this is what I choose
Show me Show me home
There are signs upon my memory signs upon my walls
Signs upon my mind these are signs that I’ve been called
Can I take the hand of God and place it in my heart
The time has come to dance on Earth and waltz among the stars
      © AUGUST 31, 1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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