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Holy Cafe MP3 Song Download: I That Is Me

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Many of my songs were an assignment. Richard, Minister of Unity of San Luis Obispo, CA in the late 80's and early 90's, for whom I served as music director, typically left me the title of the Sunday sermon on my answering machine on Saturday night. When I got home from playing with my band in the clubs, I was usually wide awake. I got the message and would start to create. Once I found the key based on the title and which chakra I was playing to, I would go for the guitar or the piano. I would typically take the first thing that came to mind and run with it musically. I was honing my trust in the Cosmic guidance chops. Take the idea and re-writes.

I had long had self esteem issues. In fact, when I taught at the school where I went as a boy, I devoted a good amount of any spare time to developing self esteem in my class. Really, I was doing it for me...but when I heard this title, I knew right away the slant I would take. I started on guitar and in the Key of D, where self esteem issues are stored energetically. I developed a motif and a feel that sounded much like an old 60's song, People Get Ready, a slinky bluesy thing...I have my past, I have my baggage, I have a story, etched in my hands. I was doing therapy at the time and had actually grown weary of the blame the parents game. I wanted a new way of looking at what I was holding on to. This song gave me the insight that changed significantly, the way I did my inner work...can I get an "Amen"?

We are so much more than we have allowed...the old story is no longer relevant...The I that you see is not the I that is me...

I have my past, I have my baggage
I have a story etched in my hands
To it I cling, let it define me
But you and I know it is not who I am
I've made a me from moments so varied
Molded and shaped, carved to survive
Covered the essence, padded and whitewashed
But you and I know this is not who I am
The I that you see is not the I that is me
The I that is me is an angel of Love
The I that is me truly believes 
That he will be free someday, someday, someday
Like the cocoon I am in transformation
Time to break out, time to fly high
Sure, I could hold on sure, I could wallow
But, you and I know that is not who I am
     I am walking next to me, and I am there when I don't believe
     I am letting me find my own way            
     I am there in a whispered breath saying,
     "Yes, you can," and "Yes, you will"  
     I am there when I forget my name    Ooohh….

       © C. AUGUST 31, 1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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