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Holy Cafe MP3 Song Download: Life

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I was writing a lot of powerful music in the early 90's. These were some of the most fertile years for me as I wrote from the expanding experience of my life, and was developing some very fulfilling relationships with words, and combining them in a variety of ways. I had married in 1991, experienced the birth of daughter, Gabriela, and was completely immersed in my music on many levels. An unexpected, but foreseeable divorce happened in early '95. Needless to say, things changed. Erin, my former wife, found herself in a relationship by the middle of the year. I chose therapy to see if I could get underneath what had led me to the loss. I found a lot of stuff to work with...future songs it all became.

At the end of the year, Erin was leading a children's chorus who were performing at the San Luis Obispo, CA farmer's market on the last Thursday of the year. I went to see our daughter, Gabriela, sing her first solo in a song by Tom Paxton, This Pretty Planet... I cried my way through the performance and slipped away shortly after its completion and I had shared my appreciation to all involved. By the time I had gotten home, this song was pushing hard to be born. I grabbed the guitar and set the chords and felt and cried my way through the initial stabs at melody. Usually this random vocalizing delivers some phrases that form the foundation for the rest of the song...when I get scared I have to sing...The song was born in a short time. I sang it 10 times before I crawled to bed, quite spent from the tearful release that tore from my this day, the amount of tears I cry whenever I perform this song is the barometer of my healing, and what debris is left to be purged. Wow, thank you Cosmos, for that experience and my willingness to take that experience and translate it into's every word I didn't say, it's wishing for some other


Tender moments how they fly wave goodbye to ‘95
Winter skies are rollin’ in who am I I ask again
My Gabi girl’s now Maguerite, last night she sang a song for peace
Alone and free she faced the crowd
My heart beat fast my tears fell down
My oh my, things do change slip and fall get up again
Angels point say this-a-way breathe deep taste another day           Life
Season’s greetings toast the wine, yesterday sings old lang syne
People running to and fro they cling to lists two more to go
The memory of Christ is stirred if the bells would stop we’d hear the words
Love is all we need to be love is all and we’d be free
Santa bring me willingness to face the truth with willingness
Milk and cookies everyone pick up your accordions
     Life it is it’s what it is it’s what we’ll be it’s what we did
     It’s waiting and it’s reaching out having faith having doubt
     It’s touching and it’s pulling back it’s richness it’s having lack
     It’s hopelessness it’s destiny it’s all of you it’s all of me
     It’s every word I didn’t say  It’s wishing for another way       Life
Breath goes in breath goes out do you know my whereabouts
Swept along this path by grace I run like hell to stay in place
Kiss me once touch my soul I now surrender all control
I wonder what tomorrow brings when I get scared I have to sing
Christmas carols are floating round Millennium is nearing town
Touch my hand touch my eye touch my heart make me cry

Live it   Love it    Do it      Be it    Ah  3x
Tender moments how they fly
Wave goodbye to ‘95
Winter skies are rollin’ in
Who am I? I ask again
       © December 8 1995. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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