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In the late 80's and early 90's there was a flurry of activity around establishing a strong Men's Movement. Various permutations showed up. Some were aligned with Robert Bly and would follow the path of Iron John. Others were influenced by Michael Meade. In San Luis Obispo, we had an organization called Support Group Network, started by Dr. Robert Simmons. It usually taught mixed groups to create and maintain their own support group. I was one of the main facilitators of the groups, leading 10 week trainings. After three years of doing this, we decided to start a men's only support group. It was successful in that it lasted for over ten years, surviving the deaths of two members, before it just lost its momentum. It was somewhere along the way that I was inspired to facilitate some men's workshops to empower men with much of what we had learned through Dr Simmons tutelage. Combining that with some of Bly's and Meade's work, I created a set of 4 workshops. It was necessary to add music to the gatherings, as I already knew the power of the song and the gift that comes from group singing.

Men was one of the songs I penned and shared during this time. I was well aware of the changing norms that both sexes had to endure. One would just align with the latest and then it would change, leaving us scrambling to adjust and move in the new direction. It was endless and exhaustive. Over time it was easy to feel less than, and want to give up on trying to improve to finally be accepted. The song reflected the confusion that brought that left so many men yearning to simply be accepted as they are. The message is the same for women as well. I give great thanks for the various permutations of men creating conscious community and am proud to have participated and grown in them.   
t was men who were gallant, Men who were bold            
Men who would come save the day                
They wanted men who slayed dragons               
Men filled with causes            
Men who would sweep them away
Then it was men who were funny
Men who were sexual
Men who were just like old dad
They wanted men who could work hard
Men who were powerful
Men who would never get mad

     Mirror on the wall ...Tell me who am I            
     Oh a man, yeah, but what’s that
     What am I I inside, inside
Then give us men who are sensitive
Men who are feeling, Men who are willing to die
We want men intellectual, men who make money
Men in a black suit and tie
We want men athletic, men with strong bodies
Hard men who can cuddle and cry
Give us men with a square jaw, men out of GQ
Real men I can look good beside
     Mirror on the wall ...Tell me who am I
     Oh, a man, yeah, but what’s that
     What am I inside? Inside
     Just when I thought I had found a direction
     Just when I’d found a career
     Just when the money and power Were flowing
     Just when I’d swallowed my fear
     Just when I looked like the magazine model
     Just when I drank the right beer
     Somebody shifted the template
     Somebody altered the form
     Somebody somewhere went and changed
     What I’m supposed to be
     More tears, more brains
     They want more brawn, more man
     More man, more man, more…
Now I sit here before you, a mosaic, a collage
A man with a heart and a soul
I want you, my brothers
I need you my brothers
Come along we can all be whole
We can live like we want to, be like we want to
My brother, I give you my hand
We’re men, just men, it’s simple, just men
Come, take my hand
We’re not men who are gallant
Men who are bold
Not men who will come save the day
       © May 15, 1991. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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