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Holy Cafe MP3 Song Download: Surrender

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Somewhere along the way, I started dealing with how hard it sometimes felt to become conscious and be a good person in the world. I had taken so many courses and read so many books that I was full of information and somewhat short on action. And then it dawned on me that perhaps I was trying too hard. I had bought into the self-help treadmill that just kept saying, if you fix this, or get this, or become that, then you will have arrived and everything will be fine. It was a seduction because it felt like there was progress. But too often it was the same old stuff, taught by people who really were not walking their talk. Honestly, I was tired of digging.

And then I remembered a story of how the angels wait for us to contact them for help and guidance. And all, except for the Guardian Angel, are bound by Universal Law to not intervene in the human life unless called for. Trouble is, that most people did not ask. They were diverted and distracted by their need to get better, to do it right. I saw the angels talking to one another reflecting on how humans really try too hard at life. There was not enough surrender and not enough play.

Thus, the song, Surrender, which addresses this from the personal journey of one. Take a break, grasshopper. Allow life. Stop pushing. Stop fearin'. The Earth plane is not that hard when one chooses to open the heart and get the big picture. From the old viewpoint it is a challenging journey. Which do you prefer?

I have walked the lonesome highway
Seeking safety in the night
Turned away from those who offered me shelter
While I held my longings tight
I have battled with my senses  I have fallen I have cried
Struggled back to face the fears I had censored  deeply humbled by the climb
     All the while there were angels laughing           
     That I would make it seem so hard
     They would dance and sing, get my attention, they’d say                       
     It’s not meant to be this hard
Somewhere I softened and listened  Somehow I laid some pain aside
Took a risk said yes to one moment  A bit afraid of what I’d find
I found people who love me Their smile reminds me I Am I
Their tenderness dismantled all my resistance To reveal a Light inside
I’ve been given something precious  With all I need to freely fly
A world abundant with an endless stream of playmates
I believe, my friends, it’s time
To surrender to this life                     I surrender to this life                 
Let’s surrender to this life
        © December 27,1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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