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Holy Cafe MP3 Song Download: The Holy Cafe

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I work a lot with the youth of all ages supporting conferences and weekend retreats and summer camps and the like. Many of my songs have become standards in New Thought Circles and events, not only for the kids, but for the adults as well. I was at a rally in the West Central Region of Unity in the Spring in the mountains behind the old gold mining town of Sonora. One of the leaders was giving a speech to her peers in which she said that God lays out a smorgasbord from which we can make choices. She likened it to a holy cafe. Now I know a good phrase when I hear it. Some are automatically a song title and actually hint the style of music. It was to become a country song.

Now, I travel a lot these days, driving about 25000 miles a year delivering my music and my workshops and my personal sessions. I drive late at night often because there is so little traffic, and I can listen to Sirius XM radio or Kryon Channelings, or Coast to Coast radio. It is a mysterious time to be out and about, especially on some of our nation's great interstate highways. There is a major highway born right in the middle of Utah off the 15. It is Highway 70. that takes you over the Wasatch Mountains out into that ancient land of Eastern Utah to deliver you into the bosom of the glorious Rocky Mountains. There is not much life along the way. The visibility can be quite lengthy and hard to determine actual distances. For some reason, on one such trip to Denver, I was low on gas. I saw a light in the distance and knew from previous trips that there was a small whistle stop town with gas, food, and lodging. When I saw the light, I knew it was not that far away. It ended up being a two hour drive...and how I made it there was a divine mystery. That was the night I got 50 miles to a gallon in my trusty Ford Ranger pickup.

I thought of this rest stop when I started to write the Holy Cafe song. There are places along the highways of life that provide for us, far beyond our own beliefs and resistances. This song pays tributes to those was dark, deep and lonely, with rain pourin' down. I was miles from nowhere, my world upside down...

It was dark, deep and lonely with rain pourin' down
I was miles from nowhere my world upside down
When I spotted the neon it was not far away
So I pulled right on over into the Holy Cafe
The waitress wore smiles she was dressed all in white
She looked like an angel there was warmth in her eyes
I looked at the menu I could not believe
I turned to that angel I said if you please
  I’ll take the cup of compassion
  That special on friends
  Two or three hugs and a side of Amen’s
  I’ll take the glass of abundance
  A plate full of grace
  A bowl of sweet love   
  And a pinch just in case I’m dreamin’
My spirit grew lighter with each passing taste
Hope filled my heart as it softened the ache
Though the rain just kept fallin’ I felt warm and dry
Thinking about my order divine
I took the...

     If you’re ever in darkness on the road in the rain
     Look for the neon and the angel.
     At the Holy Cafe...
God is feeding us  Make your order right now
Divine orders accepted  God is feeding us….
          © July 7, 1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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