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Holy Cafe MP3 Song Download: Wellness

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Another song created to support a Sunday morning talk at Unity. In that tradition, there is focus on refining and raising the vibration of how we see and believe about ourselves. Self talk and our spoken words are invited to be in alignment to affirm a higher frequency version of ourselves. This kind of inner and outer belief/expression activates the Universal Laws to make manifest that which we vision and intend. I resonate with this kind of living and have created many songs that makes use of that proven process. 

As you know, health is one of the primary issues facing humanity. Having been programmed for lifetimes that we are limited beings destined for aging, decay, and death, it is no wonder that so many are sick and dis-eased. Couple this with our tendency to hold on to unexpressed energetic debris from our moments of living and we have the perfect recipe for dis-ease and the fulfillment of the belief in the inevitability of death. 

This is why a song like this was created, to remind people of the alternative that exists in the design of you and me. As we call upon this higher frequency perspective we can begin to activate the inner resources to clear the energetic blockages and move us into the state of health. So, listen to this song...over and over. Take advantage of the part that is the singalong to claim your new frequency. I believe you will start to manifest change..we arrive in Holiness, we have the gift of life, and we can choose the way we live, in shadow or in Light... Sing yourself into a new frequency.

We arrive in holiness  We have the gift of life
We can choose the way we live in shadow or in light
Yet, we have grown up in a culture filled with limits filled with fear
We sacrifice our wellness to what they call career
And it's hard to feel the glory
And it's hard to touch the free
And it's hard to taste the moment
Believing in disease
I am much more   You are much more
We are so far beyond the form but we don't know it
So don't tell me that your wellness lies there in someone's hand
Don't talk to me of limits speak only "That I Am"
Our life on earth's not just a body it is Spirit it is mind
Remember who you are my friend, remove illusions bind
Stand up and look into the mirror
Look deep into those eyes
Can you see all of eternity the Oneness the Divine?
All this is you All this is me
We are not here to make it through
We're here to soar beyond the grandest of our dreams
Get in the flow Right here, right now
Embrace the journey Make your vow
To your well-being  To a whole new way
To renewal and improvement  To a state of excellence
To a life beyond the standard   A life in resonance in resonance
There are laws within this Universe Laws that govern life
My friend, we're meant for wellness To this we must align
           I'm in the flow right here right now
           I'm on the journey I make my vow
          To my well-being A whole new way…
          © July 19, 1997. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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