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We had a minister at Unity from 1988 to 1993 named Richard. He made the Sundays rock and grew the church in amazing ways. I was music director for him and it was quite the Sunday show...a seminal talk punctuated with two or three new songs that blended right in, massaged by the collective energy of a growing like vibrational community who were inspired and vocal and finding their personal power. It was the high tide of the opening salvos of the post 1987 Harmonic Convergence opening that was ushering in the 25 year change , the raising of the vibrational frequency, that would culminate in 2012, December 21.Yes, I was there...and boy, was that fun. So many songs written, so many moments of quality personal and collective openings, riding a wave of "yesses" to a higher place that everyone trusted...

And then it ended...just like that, Richard said he was done, had reached his 5 year commitment and was ready for the next thing..."WTF?!OMG! 

Sure the church was thriving, powerful, in the hands of a good strong board. The music program was epic and the community was committed and varied and well represented. It was THE place to be in San Luis Obispo County....sure we would miss him but the replacement would be even better...see ya...

The search program lasted for over half a year. The church was unified. We knew what we wanted...a clone of Richard. And everyone was held up against that template. bet. Unavoidable...not in a million years. The parade of potential came through with a new candidate every Sunday. I wrote like mad to provide them a nurturing space to give their best, pulling songs and information that only showed up the night before the service when they were vibrationally and physically in town. So it went as one by one the candidates came and backs...second talk...meeting with the people after service...

Leona was one of the candidates. She came directly from Unity Village in Kansas City, MO, a teacher at the School there. She had had a successful stint on Broadway in the day and knew her way around the stage. She sent a blurb of introduction before her first talk and I took it to find my inspiration for her song. There it was a simple phrase about the Holiness in us all...This song is the very one that greeted her. She was blown away...I had passed the audition. So, listen and enjoy the reminder.,look round at all us people, each one is so Divine, can you believe that's what you are

Yes, Leona got the more ways than one...bottom line, she wasn't Richard...and a whole lot of folks would just not let that go...Holy, everybody is Divine..

churches...oi vey!
Look 'round at all us people Each one is so Divine
Can you accept that's what you are?
A Holy Individual Unique in every way
Will you accept that's what you are?
Nobody feels it quite like you
Nobody says it quite like you
Nobody lives it quite like you
Christ Essence pure in form  Each blessed and each adored
Can you believe that's what you are?
No limits no dependency  Nothing to overcome
Will you just be what you are?

Behold it in everyone
Each daughter and every son 
Each being a Holy One Divine  Divine      Divine  Divine
Can you say yes to destiny? Can you just flow along?
Can you embrace your Love and Power?
Can you accept equality? Can you see God in me?
Can you be all of what you are?
Chorus...Holy everybody is Holy
everybody be Holy So Divine
       ©September 1, 2007. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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