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Look 'round at all us people Each one is so Divine
Can you accept that's what you are?
A Holy Individual Unique in every way
Will you accept that's what you are?
Nobody feels it quite like you
Nobody says it quite like you
Nobody lives it quite like you
Christ Essence pure in form  Each blessed and each adored
Can you believe that's what you are?
No limits no dependency  Nothing to overcome
Will you just be what you are?

Behold it in everyone
Each daughter and every son 
Each being a Holy One Divine  Divine      Divine  Divine
Can you say yes to destiny? Can you just flow along?
Can you embrace your Love and Power?
Can you accept equality? Can you see God in me?
Can you be all of what you are?
Chorus...Holy everybody is Holy
everybody be Holy So Divine
       ©September 1, 2007. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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