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How-to Article: Balancing the Chakras

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Balancing the Chakras (sample)
Our bodies are a remarkable design…a self regulating energy system. If we allowed ourselves to function freely in the design then we would have few challenges on the physical and energetic level, living long, healthy lives that, in many ways, would be unlimited. But most have bought into the perceived limitations of the dimension and have adopted beliefs that limit the body by interfering with its design flow. Most dramatically, we stop the flow of energy that arises from experience. We contain emotion and we curtail expression. The end result is a backing up of energy. The energy stores in the chakras, specifically aligning in the one that holds the frequency closest to the experience.
The chakras are the energetic windows to our cosmic source. They monitor and regulate the flow of the energy in our body. Ideally, they rotate at a specific frequency of health for each of us. Storing the unexpressed causes them to slow their rate of rotation, lowering their vibration and causing sluggishness. The more energy that is stored there the slower it moves and the more likely a condition manifests (typically for the purpose of getting attention to clear the stuck energy).
Knowledge of the chakras and proper chakra care is one of the most important elements of human self care. Unfortunately, most do not receive the training. If you would tend each chakra by monitoring the energy there and choosing to clear each on a daily basis, you would experience a very different, exuberant life.

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