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How-to Article: Conscious Connection with Nature

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Connecting with Nature (sample)
No matter where you chose to incarnate the Earth offers up incredible beauty and a panorama of life for your experience and enjoyment. Some settings are forested and lush, some are stark and hot immersed in sand and wind, some are ice covered, some are immersed in water, some are high in the mountains…In all of these settings there is a stunning variety of the living: plants, insects, reptiles, birds, animals, the microbial. And, what is most beautiful, is that it all has consciousness.
We have been taught that the Earth is here for us, a remarkable array of places to go…for recreation, for exercise, for vacation, for use and abuse, for building upon, for taking from. But, basically, a form that provides for our basic needs…thank you very much.
When Earth Day began in the Seventies there was controversy when some began to call the Earth Gaia, a living being. Native cultures have had a personal relationship with the Earth for thousands of years. Civilized cultures have seen the Earth as something to use and sustain us. This kind of relationship lacks respect, and that dishonoring, is showing up in these times as the cumulative results of centuries of abuse are taking their toll. Without a personal relationship with Earth it is easy to see how many simply see her as opportunity, and not necessarily someone to care for.
These times are different. It is not only the New Agers who are encouraging personal relationship. Scientists and spiritualists are as well. The energy shifts of this transition time between the Piscean and Aquarian Epochs are revealing remarkable awakenings in many. Suddenly, a loving relationship with our planet is becoming a reality, in a growing number of circles.
To open to this idea absolutely changes your experience of life on this beautiful planet. Are you ready to explore that? Are you ready to open up to the varied kingdoms of consciousness in plant and animal form? Are you ready to discover the vibration of the land and how it can serve to support you energetically far beyond the production of food? Are you ready to open to the greater expanse and possibility of big Love? You must be, or you would not have selected this article. So, let’s go exploring and discover an adventure beyond our limiting beliefs of yesterday.

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