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How-to Article: Creating a Healing Ambiance

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Creating a Healing Ambiance (sample)
When your energy systems and bodies are compromised by your moments of living you begin
to lower your vibration of wholeness. When this occurs there are compromises made, especially
in the physical. Continued repression of emotional release impacts the body and begins to
create dis-ease. The longer it goes on, the more likely a condition will develop. When this
occurs, your awareness is one of your primary tools to regain health. Once you notice what is
happening then you can take steps to heal yourself back to your wholeness vibration.
Healing is essentially witnessing yourself back to balance. To witness is to see and affirm your
truth despite the appearance and the form. Holding the memory and belief that you are already
whole is a powerful vehicle to activate the body’s natural healing capacity. Everything you do
must align with your intention to reclaim the desired state: your thinking, your beliefs, your
actions, your responses, what you focus on, and yes, even the physical ambiance and space
where you spend your moments. It is to this last element that this article offers suggestions and
All is energy. The body is energy. The environment is energy. Thoughts are energy. The greater the alignment of these the greater the balance. Creating a nurturing space that addresses your vibrational field is a foundational element of balancing your self. To set an ambiance that nurtures requires attention to all of the following: color, order, direction, images, sound, music, aroma, furniture, light, minerals, plants, and natural elements.

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