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How-to Article: Cutting Energetic Cords

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Clearing Energetic Cords
Energy is everywhere, the vibrational foundation of the cosmos. Every interaction is an exchange of energy. When two people connect they send out cords of energy, called Aka cords in Egyptian Huna. These cords are, for the most part, benign, seeking energetic support or sending energy. And when the two separate, so, too, the cords are severed. But when we spend more time with individuals, or in locales or settings, the energetic cordings begin to attach to our energetic and physical bodies, mostly in a mutually satisfying and nurturing manner in the beginning. But as the issues of the relationship unfold the cords start to attach more securely. They are seeking support, control, etc, depending on the intention, known or unknown, of the sender. So, over time we become interwoven energetically with others with whom we have relationship. This makes it very difficult to create full separation.
Of course, not all of these cords are depleting, but many are. Actually, it is advisable to stay clear of attachments energetically, no matter how familiar they are. Staying in our own circle of power allows us to be in balance and have all of our faculties available in the moment to address the forms of living.
There exist many who are very low on energy. They seek others for supply, sending out the energy cords primarily from the three lower chakras. In some ways these “energy vampires” are very prevalent due to the demands of living in these times of sweeping inner and outer change. Though there is energy abundant everywhere to meet the demands of us all, most are unaware of how to naturally augment their inner supply with clean, high vibration…so they prey on others, though not necessarily, maliciously. Going about our day and coming into contact with others or even being in the same space without interaction, can leave us with cords attached to our energy bodies and auric field by the end of the day. Clearing these cords regularly is a necessary activity if you desire to stay in your own clean vibration.

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