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How-to Article: Fear

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Safe Release of Fear
Fear is one of the basic emotions. It is the response to real or perceived danger or threat. In our evolutionary history the dangers were more often real. Unless in a crisis situation, a war zone, or a urban gang setting, the physical threats are significantly diminished. What has replaced them is the insidious imagined threat. The state of fear is pervasive in “civilized” culture and societies. There
appears to be collusion in perpetrating this wave of fear that permeates the lives of so many. The media is invested in headline fear to keep people on edge. Accidents to killings to stock market crashes to super storms to asteroids to lawsuits to unsafe conditions to germs to animal attacks to fires to earthquakes to hurricane season to allergies to irritable bowel syndrome to old age to AIDS to mental illness to car wrecks to self protection to bars on windows…on and on and on it goes. The security level is orange…the sign spells out the consequences. If you break the law you will go to jail. Are you successful? Will you find a mate? I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Terrorists! Gangs! Pedophiles! Murderers! Scary movies! The daily Dow Jones fluctuations? Nostradamus? Another end of the world…
Our nervous system is on constant alert and our adrenals are taxed. The stress level is off the charts. Many are fearful when they go to sleep, or when they wake up, or when they are doing nothing, or when they think of the future, or when they dwell in the past. Fear is, mostly, an inside job. And it is from the inside that we can diminish our level of fear and actually create a calm state that invites and manifests peace within.
Our bodies are sensitive to energy because they are a vibrating mass of energy. With no awareness of how much we can be affected by suggestion and image and experience misinterpreted we are sadly, at the mercy of this ocean of fear that
pervades society today. So let’s become aware.

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