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How-to Article: Toning

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The civilized world is notorious for swallowing their emotion and not speaking their truth. The energetic cost of that is that the energy is stored in its original intensity in the body cells, tissues, organs, and chakras. It serves to slow down the vibration of health in any of those areas. Waiting for release and expression it taps on our conscious to pay attention and facilitate the release. If those tappings are ignored then the area, particularly the chakras, slows down vibrationally and begins to create a physical condition. The longer it is ignored the more significant the condition becomes until it creates a dis-ease, which often serves to get our attention. How many do you know who have had a serious illness be their vehicle for life change? Wouldn’t it be better to not store the energy and release it consciously and regularly?
As all is vibration, we are highly susceptible to sound frequencies. In fact, our chakras are aligned to specific frequencies. When we are in balance these frequencies are at their optimum. Life experience and the subsequent choices to withhold the natural expression of the experience will compromise the chakras and slow their rotation speed down. To regain balance we must release these old frequencies of energy. In reality there are many ways to do this. Unfortunately, most of the civilized world is unaware of the chakras and the power of sound, let alone the correlation between the two. In many ways we are taught that our health is, at best, a crap shoot battle between us and germs and micro-organisms and bacteria and ?
Interestingly, “uncivilized cultures” and many ethnic cultures still hold the lineage of information and understanding of how the body can stay in balance. The prejudices against sound and the cultural regulation of the sounding of the voice are just not present in these cultures like in the civilized world. For most Westerners, certain sounds are reserved for specific rooms in the house. Or, they are restricted by family rules or agreements to be silent and not express what you are feeling. Shamans and healers are given permission to use and explore sound, especially with the voice. Miracle healings are often recorded in such cultures because the culture has not been so restricted regarding the natural and etheric worlds and man’s relationship to them.

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