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The gift of this spectacular and beautifully challenging dimension is that we have free will, the capacity to make choice...and thus, determine our direction, the forms, and the outcome of our moments of living. Over and over we get influenced, steered, coerced, directed, pushed, invited, do this or that. It appears to be the lot in life for all incarnates. It is difficult to make a decision, and then to act upon it. What if we make mistakes? What if we fail? What if? What if? The familiar dance we have done...

Clarity comes from getting clear. That is releasing the energetic debris of wounds past so we can have direct relationship with the moment. From there we are informed, and our discernment can take over. The closer we live to the now, the greater the potential for a life of flow. Moments of choice followed by moments of choice...the cleaner and clearer we become by finally speaking the words that we have held, in forced silence, under threat...then the sooner we change the form of what comes into our lives. 

We are offered variety of how to spend our moments, our money, all throughout our day: advertising, friends, radio, TV, group pressure, media pressure, Facebook, Twitter, YOUTube...on and on we are bombarded with options...this is insane...and that, in many ways, is what it is designed to do...confuse. Changing styles, what is in, out, preferred, desirable...all of this influences our choice in this moment. In this frequency it is not an easy world to be in.

And therein lies the this frequency. That old frequency limits and perpetuates that limitation paradigm. In it we have regrets, we have guilt, shame, anger, frustration, rage...we misinterpret and we blame and criticize. We compare and judge as right or wrong. We take sides and protect our way of doing things.

So be it...that certainly is one way. And lifetime after lifetime we have entered into that movie or something similar...until these remarkable times. On the surface it does not look much different. In fact, many think it is worse. And I say patience...for this is an inside job first, a refining of who we are first...and likely, that perception is far short of the truth of our being. You and I are and have always been so much more. But it's hard to see when the smokescreen is so prevalent. Well, my friend, the mighty winds are blowing and the vision is clearing...we have been taught to yearn for a long time, to yearn for some ever changing desirable that really has little substance if we ever get we are being invited to yearn for the deeper, the foundational, the solid truth that defines us...always has. 

This song is about the diversion, the lure of the empty, the shadow, the temporary. It calls for the willingness to look deeper, make the inner call, to start to reawaken the inner higher road, activate the parts to blend and unify. It is not easy to turn away from what everyone else is doing...we stick out, we miss out...and we get judged. Lemmings seem like such a happy group, unified by common cause and movement. It's all great until the blind lead the blind over the precipice...but I chose the high road, to live what I AM, to follow that wisdom, that's been placed in my hand

There is an established and true substance within you that is an unfailing foundation. Seek it within, find it, and reconnect. In this frequency you can thrive...and even allow the world to be what it is, and bless it, and love it, and celebrate it...and then go home and be separate from it...peace full and calm and balanced. Choose the life you want...I made my choices, did it all just because, I believe there's an answer...I did it for Love...yes, do it for Love...listen to this song and let it sink into the nooks and crannies, the places still seduced by being one of the pack, still willing to give it all away to fit in...for as long as you can...and here is the issue in these times. None of us can really resonate with the old ways anymore. Our magnificence is rising up into our whole being and replacing the misinformation, and it won't be long before we collectively get in a corny, KumBaya moment. And that, my friend, will be a glorious day... I made my choices, took that great leap of faith, jumped into the fire, let it sweep me away

I Could Have Been
I could have been on the big screen
Had all of that fame
Been worshipped by the people
Been a household name
Could’ve headed this nation
Controlled this whole land
Lived for that power
Been the world’s greatest man
But I chose the High Road
Left illusion behind
Cast my fate to creation
I surrendered to time
     I made my choices Took that great leap of faith
     Jumped into the fire Let it sweep me away
     I made my choices I did it all just because
     I believe there’s an answer I did it for Love
     Could’ve had all the lovers Kept them all on a string
     Told them all that I love you
And have it not mean a thing
Could’ve sat in some big chair
Had all that money could buy
Been the envy of millions
While I waited to die
But I chose the high road
To live what I Am
To follow this wisdom
That’s been placed in my hand
     I made my choices Took that great leap of faith
     Jumped into the fire Let it sweep me away
     I made my choices I did it all just because
     I believe there’s an answer I did it for Love
Sometimes I long for the old world
Even reach out my hand
But I have seen the illusions
Left holding nothing but sand

© 1988. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.

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