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I Went Out Under Heaven Song MP3 Download

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Somewhere along the tenure as Music Director at Unity of San Luis Obispo, California, just after Rev. Richard Levy completed his 5 year commitment as minister, a new minister arrived, Rev. Leona Evans. She was selected after a lengthy process that lasted almost a year. Since she had been teaching at the Unity School of Christianity she knew the Poet Laurette of the Unity movement, James Dillet Freeman. She had invited him out and, in preparation, gave me his book, Prayer: The Master Key, and asked me to to write some songs. Sure, Boss...

I opened the book to the table of contents and choose ten titles that piqued my interest. I chose not to read the content for any of them but trusted, rather, that Spirit would guide me with the lyric. And, indeed, she did. Over and over I would take the finished song and see how smoothly it blended with the words of James. Cool...

I Went out Under Heaven fell into place quickly as a piano song. It was powerful and, quite honestly, beautiful. It was inspirational to sing and would impact the listener in many ways, mostly bringing them back to the essence of who that are in this Universal Frequency of God that breathed with this planet, Earth. 

It all came down to surrender and leaving behind any internal application/belief of external programming to allow the God Essence feed you the eternal memory of who you are. That's all that is needed to live the Holy, juicy life that we were designed to do. 

Thank you, James, for the gift of your titles.
I went out under heaven 
To seek the great I AM
I heard the Heaven’s speak 
to seek with all my heart
“Give your Self to me, Child
You must give Me every thought 
each breath each moment
Love me like you’ve never loved before
And I’ll reveal all that  your soul is thirsting for”
To what do you give time?
What lures you to devote your moments
brings you pleasure
Fills your cupboards and your well?
“And if you would be free, child 
Would you fill your life
with little here and there
Or would you grasp the answer to it all
Would you surrender 
let Me catch you as you fall?”

   In every element 
   each atom of existence
   There lie answers 
   to the secrets never told
  Supposed you placed devotion
  Left each ounce of your resistance
  Believing in each part 
  there lies the Whole
  Then you would see
  the interweavings
  And the dance of all creation
  You would hear the melody
  of peace and love
  You would be purified in waters
  of the endless Holy Rivers
  As they kiss you and
  caress your tender soul
“Give your all to me
Fall in love with every
speck of dust it sings
And longs to wrap around your heart
Hear the gentle voice, child,
Fall in love with Life
give freely all your being
And so it shall be given back to you
For in the living lies 
the Essence and the Truth
                     ©November, 1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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