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Sound Alchemy Resources: Inward Bound CD

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Over a period of a year, I created instrumental songs on my vast array of analog and digital synthesizers. My intention was to create songs for all of the 12 musical keys as I was just beginning to discover the use of music as a healing tool. Each creation is a musical flavor and evocative journey. I paired each song with a descriptive mindset so that each could be listened to with an inner intention, like a short guided journey. Use it when you need a diversion from your own forms of living. Play them in the background to allow the changing keys and major, minor structures cleanse your energy bodies. Let the music serve you in deep ways that are working cellularly to cleanse and amplify your deep, inner well-being.
Click theSAMPLEStab above to listen to 30 sec samples of each song in MP3 format at 128mHz quality

Click to access lyrics, Musical Medicine applications, and suggestions to maximize the vibrational use of this CD.

1. Awakening
2. Stream of Forgiveness
3. Sacred Path
4. Inward Bound
5. Legacy of the Heart
6. The Language of Souls
7. Childhood Friends
8. Embracing the Shadow
9. A Presence Like Rain
10. The Blooming of the Lotus
11. The Myth of Freedom
12. The Child Emerges
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01 Awakening

02 Stream Of Forgiveness

03 Sacred Path

04 Inward Bound

05 Legacy Of The Heart

06 The Language Of Souls

07 Childhood Friends

08 Embracing The Shadow

10 Blooming Of The Lotus

11 The Myth Of Freedom

12 The Child Emerges