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Jesus, The Christ MP3 Download: 2000 Years

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One of the first songs I ever played on stage was at my high school talent assembly my junior year with me on guitar and vocals, Bill Babka on bass, Randy Canaday on Drums, Ron Ellis on guitar, and Keith Flickenger on tambourine and because he looked good, played the Santana song, Evil Ways. I must have been thinking that when I wrote this entry for the Jesus story, as it has a Santana-esque bass line that propels this song into contemporary music...sort of.

Religion has, in my opinion and experience, usurped the Jesus story and made it mean what they want it to...hang it out there to keep people humble, believing they are limited and doomed, and coercing them to support financially, too many wayward souls posing as priests, ministers, holy men, gurus...on and on. The Jesus story is a personal one...and was always meant as such. Don't think He was into being worshiped...think He was a bit of the quiet type, probably an INFP on the Meyers Briggs, or a 5 in Enneagram speak. When I wrote this song in Fm, a curious key based on Ab, which lies at the back of the skull, right about where the Medulla Oblongata resides. It is referred to as the energetic entry point for the Divine Source, the Seat of God.

I think I had just watched a football game on TV and had seen at least ten John 4:12 signs inviting me to join the dogma and start to get quaking and get my s**t together, for Jesus was coming back and was mighty pissed. I sighed and spoke out loud..."enough!" Then went to the piano and started the Carlos Santana line...2000 years...I have been hearing all this rhetoric about the return...coming in a red Ferrarri, one of Rajneesh's Rolls Royce's, in a '41 Studebaker, in a Nash Rambler...on foot, in a little red wagon pulled by the evangelist of choice...please, perhaps consider that this is more of a personal thing between you and Jesus and not something that you were supposed to make money on...sorry Rev...

Earth in trouble in need of assistance it's clear...people going crazy filled with anger all wrapped in fear..

Send us a Savior we'll be nice this time...2000 years.

I love the feel of the song and really enjoy how it lifts into the bridge and descends right down to the Earth...let go, let flow, let show, be whole.

There really is not much more to say on this is obvious in its have we molded His life to fit our beliefs? have we used His words to support our deeds?

I sometimes wish He would just come back to tell these Holier-than-thou's to stop using Him...As it is, I consider this extraordinary man (so because of His capacity to choose consciously in all the moments that mattered) a way shower, and hold stock in the words that said "all this and more you can do." So, to me, it is about doing my inner work to clear the energetic debris and loads of misinformation turned into shaky beliefs, so that I can actually hear the voice and re-establish my personal connection. I want my heart open so I do not hold grievances and judgments going in any direction, inward or outward. I want to stand ever in that frequency of Love, big Love, where I can unify and integrate fully with life in all its forms. I want to be so filled with the Light That I Am that I flow with the openness and joy of the child, imagining my way through the moments of living and beyond.

I think He came to show us that it is not supposed to be that hard, once we get out of our own way. That coming back is going to be some kind of opening in my heart so I am not invested in how He looks...since we all know He looks like a white surfer guy who just got out of the water in La Jolla...dude...

One man walking pure and true, one man walking for me and you
Still looking  down from a cross on countless walls...2000 years.

Let's just take Jesus down from the cross, shall we...invite Him into our hearts, break bread and sip a bit of the ol' red...and remember why we came to this beautiful Earth....

let go let flow let show be whole...peace out! 
Earth in trouble in need Of assistance it’s clear
People going crazy Filled with anger All wrapped in fear
Human hands can't seem to Turn it around
Haves have-nots fight Greed keeps Spirit down
Lost little children Wishing on stars
Judge one another Can’t see far
Send us a Savior We’ll be nice this time
2000 years
What have we learned From the One who was sent before?
What did we hear and what Did we choose to ignore?
How have we molded His life To fit our beliefs?
How have we used His words To support our deeds?
One man walking pure and true
One man walking for me and you
Still looking down From a cross on countless walls
2000 years
Have you felt the need To make a choice?
Have you felt the song In the middle of the noise?
Have you surrendered your Life to the wave of change?
Have you noticed it’s easier To say the name?
Jesus, oh, oh, Jesus
Let go let flow Let show be whole
Let go let flow Let show be whole

           © February 1, 1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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