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Jesus, The Christ MP3 Download: Have You Heard?

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The way all these songs went, was that I would take a piece of the traditional story and start to focus on it energetically. I would refresh myself with the Biblical version, and then start the real research. I would go to the monumental book of 1952, The Urantia Book, combing through the tiny print to access the "rest of the story." This was such an evocative book. It told the history of the Cosmos, shared the evolution of the Archangels and all the Elohim, and devoted about 800 pages to the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of one, Jesus of Nazareth. What drew me to the book was how it shared the personal life of Jesus on His way to becoming Christed. It shared events and thoughts and responses. It was rich and very human. It was perfect for the creation of these songs, which were personal.

I have long been a subscriber and believer to the idea of past lives and reincarnation. Something happened as I wrote these songs. They just felt familiar. Inevitably I would start fleshing out the story like I was there. The verses would simply flow out of me and I would usually reach some point where the emotion would rise up from the depths, and I would sob at the unfolding of the story, like I knew something about it personally. Always had an affection for the Essence community that was around Jesus...and I just have the feeling that I was around at that time. There were simply too many cathartic moments and flashes of awareness in creating all of these songs to not look at a bigger, wider picture. Not saying this to shout and say, "Look at me, I knew Jesus!", not at all. Just letting you know about the personal nature, the intimacy, I felt as the story revealed itself over the course of several years.

I would get the song idea, and then turn to create the music and the feel first. Unless it was a simple guitar song, then it was coming through my Yamaha PSR900 keyboard with the rhythm and accompaniment patterns. Each song had a feel and a character, in contemporary styles with the kind of variety that kept it interesting and flowed together well.

The basis of this song was Jesus and his way of telling stories, preaching to the people out in the hills and towns of the current land. He spoke in stories, in the parables that left each with the capacity to find personal meaning. It was a brilliant way to activate the inner knowing in each listener. For He was about empowering the masses to essentially remember who they were. The challenge was that the masses were so eager to give away their power. They wanted to be told what to do. It was an ongoing struggle for Jesus to get these people to active in their own waking up...Jesus, oh Jesus, tell us what you know...bring the Word of God to us people here below...right now you tell us all what we should do...

The song is uptempo and bouncy, filled with life, for that is the way much of the mission played out for Jesus. there was a lot of energy around at the time. His entourage was fast moving for the time as they toured the today, gone tomorrow. It was as if He already knew His time was limited and He had to burn the candle at both ends. The Urantia book did a fabulous job of portraying the personal challenges Jesus faced in fulfilling His intended mission. So, listen to these parables in a new light, see yourself taking responsibility for your own waking up. Boy, as I write this, I sure see a lot of parallels in these current times to the equally pivotal and transitional times over 2000 years ago..."I'm not here to tell you how, just give you the clues"...
Jesus, oh, Jesus Tell us what you know
Bring the Word of God To us people here below
Right now you
Fill our minds with Holy Truth
Tell us what we all should do
How to live this earthly life
What’s it like to be Divine?
Give us the keys

Have you heard about the Man who was robbed
Left beaten by the Side of the road?
The Levite passed So, too, the Preacher did not console
When a man from Samaria Came along
And he gave compassion And stayed till the man was Strong
Now that was Love for a brother
Do you understand?
Have you heard that the Kingdom of Heaven’s
Like the grain of mustard seed
Though it be small when it does grow it’s like a tree
That tiny seed becomes A shelter to the birds
So, too, the kingdom grows From just one tiny word
That word is Faith
Do you understand?
Have you heard about the man Who gave two sons
His wealth divided
While one stayed home The other left to see the world
But he lost it all And humbly turned himself around
The Father gave praise For what was lost
Had now been found
The Father forgave
Do you understand?
Now I’m not here to Tell you how
Just give you the clues

Jesus, Jesus say the word Tell us what to do
If I use a Parable Then each shall feel his own
Jesus, Jesus say the word We’ll put you on a throne
Listen, listen, listen people Listen with your hearts
If you open up then You will know who you are

Yes, yes

      © February 1, 1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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