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Jesus, The Christ MP3 Download: It Was the Day

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There is something about the key of Bm, it is a holy pairing of Spirit and viscera, the Sacral Chakra where the juice and the mud of life are preserved for later use. It is where all the wounds get lifted like a Baptismal child into the Light where they are blessed and dressed up and filled with wisdom, then gently place back there for the time when you really wake up. And when you make it country, something as big as the Plains happens. The only thing missing from this post crucifixion narrative is a herd of cattle and a bunch of drifters,12 to be exact, shouting heyaaahhh as the rain falls and the herd starts to spook...

I was never into the story of what happened after Jesus was taken down from the cross, as I stopped reading the Bible when I was force-fed the books of the Bible memorization ritual during my one year stint in Catechism at the San Miguel Mission, one of the original California Missions built as a rest stop hotel for Father Serra and the tour of the brainwashing that took place in the mid 1700's. At eight, I escaped the clutches of those who were intent on discouraging me from keeping my connection with Spirit alive. And that was that...

Until I read the Urantia book, and was taken in and back by that 800 page book on the last days of Jesus on Earth. I felt my way through that, showered with glimpses and washes of something so damn familiar that I would swear I could that be...I had had a bunch of lives as a wandering minstrel, a worker, a slave owner, a nobleman, many court musicians, several knights, three queens, a rapist, a whole bunch of times, a nobody at least 50 times...just sticking to my own self, thank you...but I had never even entertained being active in the community of the Essenes...and you know, who knows. But, like I have said multiple times in sharing the story behind the creation of these songs...they are so so familiar that I am definitely carrying some ancient connection...maybe I was simply a fly on the wall with a photographic memory...

What I will say about this song, is that it has repeating musical sections, different parts of the story told at different times. The overarching theme is that death is conquered...but did we really get that one? The organized religions steered us into the restricted land of only one can do it, even though He says over and over, "All this and more you can and shall do" Seems like the diversion was effective enough that we just never really believed it, and laid it down on a table at the dance only to find it missing when we got back...dang...and then moved on to the next shiny object and the self-abuse.

So, take from this the knowing that you and I are Spiritual Beings having a human experience in a physical body. That means we are not bound by the laws of physics, even human law, we answer to Universal Law...I think that this is significant. But the significance to me is not necessarily yours. I leave your wisdom to you...listen to this lengthy tune of a familiar story told from a Higher Perspective and see what comes up and out. How do you view yourself now and after a few listens? I must say that we have crossed a threshold and the old limited thinking and giving away of personal power for the tiny morsel of promised safety is no longer the coolest thing to do. How do you spell wake up? How do you describe home? How do you integrate Oneness into your viscera? How much Love is in your World?  

...that was my body, just a hint of That I Am, for the Heart and Soul sail free of space and time...
It was the day the world Won’t struggle to remember
It was the day that was a Turning point for all
It was a day that darkness Almost stole the splendor
It was a day man was delivered From the fall
I had seen the end of Heaven On that mountain
Crucified with hatred fear And nail
All alone I sought the comfort Of the wilderness
When I turned to see The Master on the trail
     Do my eyes behold the Light Of God’s creation
     For I just watched you fade And say that it is done
     Then rose the fears about The strength of my conviction
     My faith did go astray          
     As I watched you fade away                    
     Now I bow my head and pray
     Forgive me, Master
     For I thought you were dead
As I watched them roll the stone Of separation
My heart began to race Out of control
I fled to seek the warmth Find the sunlight
When face to face I met The Master on the trail
Do my eyes behold The Light of God’s creation
For I just watched them Seal Your body in the tomb
And I ran from what might Come in desperation
And all the words I heard You say
Their meaning slipped away
Now I bow my head and pray Forgive me, Master
For I thought You were dead

    That was my body Just a hint of That I Am
    That I Am is endless Free of space and time
    I chose this journey Chose this Earth
    To help you see your Truth Your worth
    My Love and Light remain
It was the day the world Was filled with inspiration
It was the day that hearts and Minds were opened wide
It was the day believers Shouted from the mountain
It was the day each child Walked with God inside
For I had seen the empty tomb And heard the stories

And I knew I’d seen The rising of the Son
And I floated on that Wondrous realization
Till I turned to meet the Master One to one
     Oh, my eyes behold The Light of God’s Creation
     I have witnessed what most People only dream
     I shall always know the Truth Have my direction
     For nothing really dies
     We just change and purify
     Till we finally realize We all are One
     That was my body
     Just a hint of That I Am
     That I Am is endless  Free of space and time
     I chose this journey Chose this Earth
     To help you see your Truth Your worth
     My Love and Light remain
     It’s just the body
     One precious moment of I AM
     For the heart and soul Sail free of space and time
     Take the message of My days
     Let My Spirit show the way
     My Love and Light remain
     My Love and Light shall remain
     My Love and Light They shall remain
          © February 1, 1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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