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Jesus, The Christ MP3 Download: Judas

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It's tough when you are born to be a betrayer, of the biggest kind. Since the time when Judas did the deed, few, if any, children have been named after him. And yet, this, too, is a tragic story, that was filled with twists and unfortunates. He was a necessary player in the big picture. Humanity has such issues with trust that this had to be there. A friend, one of the inner circle, gets bought and is convinced to betray the location of Jesus, so he could be arrested...Judas, the disciple, one of the twelve, born to fill the heavenly plan

The song is built on a repeating bass line that is called a walking bass with a swing feel, perfect for the movement that took place in this story. It is Cm, a relative minor of Eb, which lies in the deeper belly, between the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra. This is visceral music that shadows the story. Betrayal hits below the belt, so to speak, knocks one off their foundation. Betrayal is an ongoing plan that takes time to develop...thus the bass is incessant through the bulk of the song, always coming back to the way an insidious plan takes over the consciousness and begins to steer attention to the betrayal, and the details, and the dangers, and the what-if's and the reward...the payment.

Without the betrayal, there is no crucifixion. Without the crucifixion, there is no resurrection. Without the resurrection, there is no mystical transformation gifted to humanity. Judas was a key player and so served the I Am perfectly. There is a part of us that can be seduced, a part who will accept payment for something it is torn up about...smitten by the immediate the cost of seeing the bigger picture. 
Judas craved honor, he festered with pride, so to the house of Caiphus he ran...

In some ways, this whole dynamic represents the classic good vs evil struggle within us humans. To update, it is the old belief set of limited sinful being vs the reawakening inner knowing of our Divine self, free of the duality of the dimension, capable of the rich full life no matter what appears. The old story was right for the time as the entry into the Piscean epoch was rising out of the time of Aries (where man took dominion over animals and the Earth beings, mistakingly thinking they could do whatever they wanted) This was actually in process and the hierarchical structure had already been introduced and was gathering momentum. Man needed to feel physically powerful to provide the kind of solid home Spirit would need to manifest the integration of Whole Self on Earth. The subjugation of the feminine during the Piscean Age was necessary to deliver the imbalance and blatant contrast that would occur when the masculine held dominion completely, heartless, driven by greed, taking and conquering...completely invested in ego self...Judas at the temple expecting reward, thirty silver pieces are paid...

The model of everyone having a price was an indicator of the cleansing that needed to be done in humanity. Until the duality faced off, there would be no rising of the spirit that has been initiated in this Aquarian epoch just beginning. The resurrection was a carrot set out to give us something to hold on to in the meantime, while we sowed wild oats, explored the unconscious shadow side. Judas took us there...Jesus, much later, led us out of it by directing us, not by religion and the sword, but rather, by the heart and love. We could not reach this point until we were ready...2012. Jesus had to be killed to become the myth, the archetype that infiltrated the cells to stir the deeper, higher frequency Truth that would awaken in just the right time.

In the personal light of you and me, we must activate the inner design potential to allow the infiltration of awareness. The infiltration exposes and betrays the misinformation and mis-beliefs to move toward the inner crucifixion of all that does not serve the Light. In that death comes the clear resurrection of the inner Infinite Being who disintegrates the old paradigm and activates the I Am That I Am Expressing As Me...that higher vibration that heralds this profound time of change when we live consciously in the knowing that we are of the Earth and of the Heavens, Spiritual Beings living on Earth in a physical body. And in this awareness, the transformation is complete and we are each given back the Keys of the Kingdom...give up the things of senses, hold a vision, set the purpose, let Love resurrect today, let Love resurrect today...

This is a potent song when you are in catharsis and struggling with life changing decisions. It walks you though the nuances and forces you to look at your own points of choice, where your own betrayal to the Truth of You, is imminent. Choose wisely, and, although in the big picture it does not matter, you can save a lot of diversionary living if you take the time necessary to decide with clear discernment in the play.

Judas, poor, poor Judas
Judas, he disciple One of the twelve
Born to fill the Heavenly plan
Judas was the treasurer
But he wanted more
To walk with Jesus not enough
For this man
Judas craved honor
He festered with pride
So, to the house of Caiaphus
He ran, no, no, no, no
       Judas, poor, poor Judas 2X
Judas say he misled He made a mistake
Wished to publicly renunciate
He say accept me in Your brethren
I’ll give you the man
You can take Him quietly away
Caiaphus responded
When He stands in our hands
For your service You shall be paid
Judas, poor, poor Judas 2X
Judas leave the supper He gather the guards
To Gethsemane he leads The parade
He points out Jesus He seals with a kiss
The road to crucifixion Is Paved
Jesus, He go quietly He speaks of God’s will
While betrayer, he slithers away
No no no no
Judas, poor, poor Judas 2X

Judas at the temple Expecting reward
Thirty silver pieces are paid
So humiliated He leaves in a daze
Turns to see the cross of Jesus Get raised
Throws away the money In a darkened despair
Hangs himself  The very same day
Judas, poor, poor Judas 2X
What can be learned from this?
What can be gained from this?
What is the meaning of The deeds of this man?
Judas, poor, poor Judas 2X...
Judas is desire it is
Covetous ambitious
It’s an ego that gets
Carried away
When we’re selfish proud
And driven by the
Need to Have possessions
Crucifixion will not be Far away
Give up the things of senses
Hold a vision set the purpose
Let Love resurrect today...

        © February 1, 1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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