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Jesus, The Christ MP3 Download: Palm Sunday

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Here is where the plot thickens. Jesus knows He is fulfilling His destiny and knows how He must play it out. Everything He does is done in alignment with the deep Inner Knowing. He follows the guidance without hesitation...for the most part. In this scene, He and His entourage are poised above the city of Jerusalem, getting set to enter and activate the crucifixion and the resurrection dramas. He knows how this is going to play out.

He rides in on a donkey, the symbol of peace. He is greeted by the masses, who are ravenous for the Messiah...(does this scene ever change, people waiting for a savior to make everything OK)..they throw down the palms and shout...just like the stars arriving for the Academy Awards (so many people thinking they are less than who must touch the hem of the garment of the so much more special one)...pandemonium and celebration...everything will be OK now...but why is He riding on that ass? Where is the glory in that? Hey, what's really going on here? The celebratory music accompanies the arrival...Hosanna in His Name...

The song shifts moods in an ominous drop to Fm, where the forboding Pharisees, the intellect, the government, ponder the impact of this unfortunate and untimely event. How dare this man enter temple land, he's got his nerve, he knows he's banned..Jesus confronts the authority, gets in their face and outwits them...the Pharisees are pissed but they decide to let it play out...and how could they not? This was a pivotal scene for the ages...Houston, we have a go...4, 3, 2, 1...

Fade to Jesus in one of His most poignant human influenced moments of, "Are you sure?" In a lilting key change that infuses the celestial major seventh chord pattern we are lifted into Jesus' personal moments of doubt...Father, I hear your words and follow...but my heart is frightened, sad for things to come...I know the wisdom here and I shall follow...

He recommits and the crowd noise takes center stage as Jesus turns the entourage toward the hill in the distance...we multitudes have gathered just to hear the Holy man...

Jesus goes into a temple for a moment of centering...the Messiah reflects and quietly talks with the One...

On a Passover Sabbath In Bethany overlooking Jerusalem
The Master and all stood poised In a grand entourage
Decision was made to Triumphantly ride on a donkey
The symbol of peace  There covered with robes And a Psalm
The word had been spread Through the streets that the One
The Messiah was Coming to town
The masses with palms Had rushed past the walls
To greet this much talked about Man
And all was according to plan

The Prophet comes from Galilee so wave your palms Joyously
We multitudes have gathered Just to hear the Holy Man
Lay down your coats and Branches, too Make a path, let Him through
The Kingdom now is Near at hand To Heaven let us sing
Oh….Hosanna in His name
       How dare this man Enter temple lands
       He’s got His nerve He knows He’s banned
       This public show is a Blasphemy
       Arrest Him now It’s a travesty
       If we do what will the Masses say
       We’ll wait the law Will show the way
       Ah, ah
       Father, I hear Your words And follow
       But my heart is frightened Sad for things to come
       I know the wisdom here And I shall follow
       Comfort Me I know My time has come
       Strengthen those Who follow me
       Is this the way it has to be
       Talk to me, comfort me
       Father, Father, Father

The Prophet comes from Galilee so wave your palms Joyously
We multitudes have gathered just to hear the Holy Man
Lay down your coats and branches, too
Make a path, let Him through
The Kingdom now is near at hand to Heaven let us sing
Oh…Hosanna in His name
On a Passover Sabbath  A temple in city Jerusalem
The Master reflected and quietly talked with the One 

      © February 1, 1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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