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Jesus, The Christ MP3 Download: The Women Who Love Jesus

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Jesus was the quintessential New Age guy, sensitive, caring, strong, a good listener, compassionate, fully present, tender...geez...what's not to like?! The women, and my, oh m,, how they were powerful, along for their capacity to process the human emotion that was rising everywhere during the short journey towards the resurrection they all were on. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Martha, Solome, Zane, Jezebel...each aligned to the mission and essence of Jesus, support personnel providing the vibration that Jesus returned to in moments of hesitation...for yes, there were those. Picture it, the Apostle dudes and the ladies, the perfect Merry Band of Pranksters to carry out this pivotal Celestial Mission for Humanity...and for the Cosmos...for yes, there was much invested in this Passion Play...Jesus had to fulfill His mission so that the next 2000 years could play out with the Heart Opening Seeds firmly planted by Him. This was a key element to the openings that came in 2012 with the entry into the Age of Aquarius. 

This kinda country ballad in the foundational key of C reflects the power of the Love of these women for Jesus. They were the Earth upon which Jesus stood, whether anyone knew it or not. His devotion to Love is no accident. That He was born of Mary shall be explored more in her song later. They kept bringing Him back to His Essence, His personal truth, His open the Hearts of humanity...provide a winding path to remembering...thank God for Jesus, the man gives me hope, that someday this world will have Love in control

Use this song to reconnect with your heart center. Activate your own Divine feminine to accompany your moments, temper mind and body, resurrect your own Divine Presence and deep knowing...I Am a woman, just look in my'll feel the fire, you'll see the Light...

We’re the women who love Jesus
That tender, precious, gentle Jesus
He’s made of love that Jesus
I tell you it’s so
When I am around Him
That sweet lamb of God
Leads me home
I’ve walked beside the man Jesus
I’ve seen how He flows
With just a touch that Jesus
Can make someone whole
And when I am around Him
That sweet Lamb of God
Leads me home
       Thank God for Jesus
       The man gives me hope
       That some day this world will have Love in control
       I love this man, Jesus,
       He helps me to see
       That I, too, am worthy as woman
       God lives here in me
We’re Mary Magdalene and Martha, Soleme and Zane
Mother Mary, Ruth and Jezebel, Doesn’t matter the name
For when we are around Him
That sweet Lamb of God Leads us home

     I am a woman just look in my eyes
     You’ll feel the fire, you’ll see the Light
     I tell you my brothers
     Look to this man
     Open your hearts and you’ll understand
     That love, it cradles us all

      © February 1, 1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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