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Life Is Good MP3 Song Download: Cradle Me

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Sweetest song ever...we are all in so many ways the eternal child who simply wants nurturing love to flood the moments of living. Humanity has set up too many restrictions on how to live the cost of intimacy and connection. This ascending slow moving song calls upon the Source to wrap us each up in the sweet protection the we desire and deserve. 

Dances have been made where the small group lifts up each to cradle and sway while singing a few rounds to him/her. Precious and powerful. Often tear stained as well...

There was a wonderful teen who was always moved to tears whenever this song was played at the events. Jessie  went to Stanford and was on his way to further greatness when he had heart failure walking to class one day. I knew he knew he was "going home" and he prepared for it energetically with this song ever chance he could take...precious being. Clear and knowing and deeply connected...kind of like we all design...Oh, God...

Cradle me, cradle me
Carry me, carry me
Gently together
Together forever
Oh, God, oh, God
Oh, God, oh, God

      ©1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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